Fairy Farm Mobile

How to get those Fairy Farm Mobile Achievements

So I got this request: And here’s my response! 😀 (Pardon the quality of the images. My gadget is quite small. 🙂 ) Advertisements

Fairy Farm Mobile Devices

Ever wondered if those expensive devices are worth buying? Here’s a list of Devices in alphabetical order and what you can do with them. (To find out where or how to get the ingredients for the following recipes, check out this post.) Altar of Wishes . . . . Royal Crane Trilement Quadement Elemental Energy […]

Fairy Farm Mobile Houses

I got a request several weeks ago to make a list of houses and what they give. Here’s what I came up with. Hopefully, it can help you make a decision on which houses are worth buying and putting on your farm. 😉

My Fairy Farm game was reset. :'(

Hi fellow farmers. I’m posting this in case there are some of you whose farms were also reset. So I’ve experienced it again. When I opened my game, everything went back to zero and there’s a pop up window that says I have another farm saved in my account, and that I can restore it. […]

How to Put Your Rescued Animal to the Storage (for Fairy Farm Android & iOS)

Still having trouble putting away your rescued animals? I figured out how! 😀

Anything else I can help you with?

Hello fellow FAIRY FARMers! I was just thinking of new posts, and I was wondering if there’s anything else you need more tips, guides or instructions on? Just sound off in the comments and if it’s something that I have experienced before, or if it’s something I can help you with, I’ll add up a […]

Smart Farming Tips for Fairy Farm Mobile (part 2)

I hope you’ve read part 1, which details the plants and animals that you must concentrate on in farming. This post discusses other tips. 🙂 2. As much as possible, avoid selling items on your storage. You’ll never know when you’ll need them for quests. 3. Invest in at least one (1) witch’s castle. Advantages […]