Rei and Her Swords

If you think someone who has been mathematically inclined since before she started schooling (and who has had English as her worst subject for as long as she could remember) couldn’t turn into a heartfully fearless writer/editor who wields her own words to perfection, well, needless to say, you’d better think again. I am the exception.

A Different Start

Yes, I was more into numbers and equations until high school. I never became Best in English, but I was Best in Math not just once. In the National Elementary Achievement Test over a decade ago, I got 99 in Math and 86 in English. I never became an editor of the school paper in high school, and my articles were mostly rewritten a lot of times. (Haha!)

BUT, I entered the University of the Philippines as a Journalism freshman in 2004. And when I did, my relationship with Math (regretfully) fell downhill. However, I had a newfound companion: Language.

The Writer in Training

I didn’t magically turn into a writer even under some of the best Journalism professors of the country. For the longest time, I still kept stressing over words and making sentences that sounded robotically incoherent even (and especially) to me. Until I took English 1, where I learned basic English grammar. I began being mindful of the rules. Then I began absorbing the essence of Journalism, which includes writing and editing. All these were further reinforced by my newfound addiction to reading.

Many who knew me before college would have wondered why I ended up in an Arts and Humanities course, and I have to admit it includes me. 😛 But here. I have graduated, and I’m damn proud of it. (Hell yeah! :D)

Off to the World

After bidding the Oblation goodbye in 2008, I worked as an Account Executive in a foreign exchange company for about three weeks (haha). Then I became a web content writer for over a month. I left when I got a call from a TV network, where I worked for the next three months. I went back to web content writing right before I left the network and a few months later, I was summoned to a USAID Program in the country, where I served as Communications Assistant and eventually, a Communications Specialist. I stayed there for over two years. After that stint, I became a web content writer again, and a few months later, I was shifted to being an editor.

Into the Blogosphere

When I write, I call myself Rei. It has been my (virtual) pen name since I started blogging in 2009, although I lost my first set of online journals due to several reasons. I have stopped blogging for several months now, but my head, which used to be full of grammatical errors I couldn’t even recognize about seven years ago, is so full of words I just need some outlet. 

So here I am now, taking my second debut and starting a whole new quest in the sea of language and images. I’m keeping my original pen name, and I’m hoping to be an inspiration to others who think writing can’t be learned.

As my story shows, it can be

So without further ado, here’s Rei and her swords. Here’s Rei and her words.


2 comments on “Rei and Her Swords

  1. Ur amazing. Keep rocking on dear with those words & ur journey. 🙂
    ? Pls, how on earth does the gift system work? It seems I click everywhere frantically even tried the gifts ending up at times with nothing 😦 your list is soooo appreciated! 🙂 many thanks.
    The twins

  2. Can you help me about the quest enchantress ‘s best friends (its the quest about earning 40 crystals for free and the other stuff)

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