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The right to go naked

I’ve been seeing and hearing this over and over: bakit daw magsusuot ng maiiksi o “revealing” na damit kung ayaw mabastos?*

Tell me girls, have you ever worn short skirts dahil gusto nyong mabastos?* A woman wears those clothes for her own reasons–maybe to celebrate her body, to feel beautiful, or maybe just to be comfortable. But I don’t think being disrespected, harassed, or violated is one of them.

How come a guy who walks the streets completely topless doesn’t get wolf-whistled, groped, or ogled at?

See, it’s not the amount of skin you show, but the attitude of people toward it.

This is my answer to your call, Emma.

I think it is right that people be able to wear whatever they want in appropriate settings, places, and situations without fear of sexual harassment in any form or level.

Gender equality means respect for all sexes. Respect means no harassment. Let’s go beyond our primal urges and be the thinking beings that we should be.

Admiration–and the expression of it–is fine. But the person’s discomfort and/or the violation of his/her human rights is right where we draw the line.

*I wrote them in Filipino because I feel more power in using those words.


One comment on “The right to go naked

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