Fairy Farm Mobile Devices

Ever wondered if those expensive devices are worth buying?

Here’s a list of Devices in alphabetical order and what you can do with them.

(To find out where or how to get the ingredients for the following recipes, check out this post.)

Altar of Wishes

altar of wishes.




Royal Crane

altar of wishes - royal crane


altar of wishes - trilement


altar of wishes - quadement

Elemental Energy

altar of wishes - elemental energy

Princess Annette

altar of wishes - princess annette

Celestial Academy





Transformation Potion

celestial academy - transformation potion

Flying Azure Unicorn

celestial academy - flying azure unicorn

Flying Strawberry Unicorness

celestial academy - flying strawberry unicorness

Flying Unicorn

celestial academy - flying unicorn

Flying Unicorness

celestial academy - flying unicorness

Coffee Marquee





 Milk Cocktail

Hot Chocolate

coffee marquee 2 - milk chocolate

Cup of Coffee

coffee marquee 3 - cup of coffee

Milk Chocolate

coffee marquee 4 - milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate

coffee marquee 5 - dark chocolate

White Chocolate

coffee marquee 6 - white chocolate

Wedding Cake


Crystal of Attraction

crystal of attraction.




Rescuer’s Key

crystal of attraction - rescuer's key

Curing Treat

Cupboard with Potions

cupboard with potions





Strawberry Jam

cupboard with potions - strawberry jam

Raspberry Jam

cupboard with potions - raspberry jam

Salty Mandrakecupboard with potions - salty mandrake

+10 Energy

cupboard with potions - 10 energy

+10 Energy

cupboard with potions - celebratory cake

Elixir of Freedomcupboard with potions - elixir of freedom

Potion of Strengthcupboard with potions - potion of strength

Dragon Cave

Dragon Cave.




Rainbow Egg

Dragon Cave - Rainbow Egg






Summoning Ritual

dreamcircle - summoning ritual

Revival Ritual

dreamcircle - revival ritual

Spring Happiness

dreamcircle - spring happiness


dreamcircle - minstrel

Glass-blowing Machine

glass-blowing machine.



Genie’s Bottle

glass-blowing machine - genie's bottle

Bottled Ship

glass-blowing machine - bottled ship

Castle in a Bottle

glass-blowing machine - castle in a bottle

Jack’s Cauldron

jack's cauldron.




Jack’s Secret

jack's cauldron - jack's secret

Candy Pumpkin

jack's cauldron - candy pumpkin

Caramel Apples

jack's cauldron - caramel apples






Ancient Folio

laboratory - ancient folio

Golden Vase

laboratory - golden vase

Precious Vase

laboratory - precious vase

Dragon Scale Vase

laboratory - dragon scale vase

Water Vase

laboratory - water vase

Laboratory of Love

laboratory of love.




Crystal Shoe

laboratory of love - crystal shoe

Spring Perfume

laboratory of love - spring perfume

Magic Cauldron

magic cauldron





Potion of the Future

magic cauldron - potion of the future

Royal Drink

magic cauldron - royal drink

Foam Drink

magic cauldron - foam drink

Decoction of Truth

magic cauldron - decoction of truth

Beauty Elixir

magic cauldron - beauty elixir

Magic Mirror

Allows you to change your character’s appearance and gender





Mail Box






King’s Package

mailbox - king's package

Witch’s Package

mailbox - witch's package

Smith’s Package

mailbox - smith's package

Staff of Life

mailbox - staff of life

Marvellous Bouquet

mailbox - marvellous bouquet

Potter’s Wheel

potter's wheel.




Clay Vase

potter's wheel - clay vase

Brass Vase

potter's wheel - brass vase

Silver Vase

potter's wheel - silver vase

Mosaic Vase

potter's wheel - mosaic vase

Purple Crystal Vase

potter's wheel - purple crystal vase








Windmill - flour


Windmill - pancake

Jam-filled Pancakes

Windmill - jam-filled pancakes

Pancakes with Caviar

Windmill - pancakes with caviar

Wizard’s Table

wizard's table.




Ancient Recipe

wizard's table - ancient recipe

A Message in a Bottle

wizard's table - a message in a bottle

Dragon Garden

wizard's table - dragon garden


wizard's table - sunclock


7 comments on “Fairy Farm Mobile Devices

  1. Where can I get the Hunter’s Amulet? I need a ritual for the Spring tree. Thanks!

  2. Hi Adie….I was wondering if you have updated the list of ingredients and uses? If you have please post the link? I need to know where to find Valentine’s? And now there are so many new things I don’t know what they do.

  3. Wizards of congress – how to prepare

  4. Hi there, how do I use these stuff I made eg. the Strawberry Jam?

  5. there is no dragon cave device in my shop, do i have to complete a certain quest before it shows up?

  6. Thanks.. It will help a lot….

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