My Fairy Farm game was reset. :'(

Hi fellow farmers. I’m posting this in case there are some of you whose farms were also reset.

So I’ve experienced it again. When I opened my game, everything went back to zero and there’s a pop up window that says I have another farm saved in my account, and that I can restore it. I closed the app and asked for help on the Facebook community. The moderator gave me these instructions:

fairy farm reset

I followed the instructions and “restored” my farm on their back up. However, the farm restored was level 72, without my rainbow dragons and dragon dwelling and half of my crystals. I lost my rescued animals and halloween stuff too. I lost pretty much all the stuff since at least 3 updates ago.


Still, the Fairy Farm mobile community tried to be helpful. But there’s only so much she can do.


I’ve already emailed support@fairyfarmgame.com twice. In the second one, I sent screenshots of the items I’m hoping to get back (as the Facebook moderator said. As long as I get my dragons and dragon dwelling and crystals back, I can just work to get my old level back and finish the quests again. As of this post, I haven’t gotten a response.

The moderator also gave some possible reasons why the game keeps crashing. You might want to avoid them too.


Also, she said it’s best to keep the Internet connection on so your game’s backup would as much as possible be updated.


So there. I’ll keep you guys posted on how this goes. I really do hope I can get even just my items (my dragons and dragon dwelling and crystals) back. I have a hunch they can no longer get my most updated farm and level, so I’d settle for getting my important stuff instead.

If this goes well, then we’d already have some sort of guide for other players who might come across the same problem. If not, well, I’m afraid I don’t want to play anymore. This “game restarting”/”losing my game” thing is really getting old. This is at least the 3rd time I’ve lost my game and I just kept playing on. But now…

Sadly, if I’m no longer playing, I’m afraid I can’t keep this blog updated as well. 😦

Update: Oct 31, 2013

Within the day, I received a reply from Old Merlin of the Fairy Farm team, asking for my Google ID. They also asked for an itemized list of the items I want restored. I’ve just sent a reply with the things Old Merlin asked for. They’ll probably find my response tonight. (Still hoping for the best. ^_^)

Update: Nov 7, 2013

I kept sending and resending the things they I asked for, but that, folks, is how far the player “support” has taken me. :/
I haven’t heard from them since.

Is there anyone here who has new information, or who has had a better experience?

Update: Nov 8, 2013

It’s 9:45pm here and when I checked my mail, I found a message from the Fairy Farm support team apologizing for the delay. It seems the Ministry of Magic is swamped with mails.

Anyway, the message says my dragons, crystals and coins have already been sent to me, although they may take a while to pop up. I opened my farm and…

My rainbow dragons are back! :’)

I’m still waiting for the crystals and coins, but with the return of my dragons, it feels like everything’s gonna be fine. :’)

I’ve already told the Fairy Farm support team that it’s ok if I don’t get all my items and coins and level back. The dragons and crystals will do. I can just earn the rest again.

Oh yeah, I also got a message from the Fairy Farm mobile community moderator:


Update: Nov 9, 2013

Got my crystals and coins too! Now I can really go back to my farm. Thank you!


24 comments on “My Fairy Farm game was reset. :'(

  1. I lost 5 dragon and over 300 Crystal. Was at level 40 somethin and I haven’t had a response in 4 days what can I do. 4 dragons came from ancient dragon quest and I paid $9.99 for the other I don’t care about the crystals just my dragons plz help me

  2. I can’t play my farm it gives force close plz fix.

  3. how can i transfer my fairy farm to my iphone if i use android before?

  4. hello,

    I am very happy that the game is back Fairy Farm.
    I am writing to you several times asked if I could get my game
    Even before I expected, many of my friends have, but not me.
    I was at level 35 and I had 20 crystals. I give you my number
    Facebook ID. 669805699785194
    Hoping to have a response from you.
    Kind regards. Aurélie DHORNE

  5. if i have data from my android phone and now im using iphone. how I can use my account before from my android and transfer it to my iphone?

  6. I have been emailing support for over two weeks, and every day at that. No reply! My farm went away and I have a Kindle Fire. I don’t get a pop up asking about restoring. I am frustrated, sad, upset, etc… I only play this one game. I know it is not important to the powers that be but it is my one game. What do you suggest? I have not played the beginner game, and my old farm is still visible to my daughter and sister. Now what?

    • Now I am at 4 weeks and still no reply from support. Anyone with ideas????? My husband bought me a galaxy tab 3 hoping I could restore my farm, but I still can’t figure out how. My Kindle does not give me a restore option, no support from support, new tablet still can’t restore. Help!

    • You had the same problem as me. However I e-mailed everyday, the support was very attentive but everything they told me to do wouldn’t work. It’s the only game I have really enjoyed. was level 50, but I had bought lots of Amazon coins to purchase items. It started when they sent me some free items. I opened storage and lost everything! I was so annoyed and had no intention of giving up. Luckily I had taken screenshots, which they requested. Anyway after 3 months of me nagging (support was trying to help) they sent me My restored game once again, nothing happened! The restored game was level 1! So I started playing it again, at level 18, I got bored, got angry and I sent them every screenshot I had, and listed every item that I could remember. They apologised and began sending me a few items at a time, labelled ‘The ministry has sent you a gift’. They sent me 1000 crystals to buy some items I lost. I got all my unicorns, peacocks, buildings, ect, many items were from quests so I complained again and was sent another 1000 crystals! I’m very happy at the outcome. I do think they are inundated with complaints, but I kept at them, telling them what I expect from customer service. They went the long way around but got there. 1 prob, I can’t log into fb via the game. They are trying to resolve this.

  7. How i get a spring dragon..? I dont have a crystal.

  8. i can’ t visit my friends farm why?

  9. I’m glad you got some of the stuff you lost back. I lost a bunch of my stuff a few months ago. I was so mad because I had just spent a lot of crystals on different animals, including the spring dragon. I sent an email but never heard back. By that point, I was just disgusted with the game and quit playing for a long time. I was especially mad because I had spent money to buy crystals (even though I hardly ever waste money on games like this) and so I was out of money. I finally just started playing again, but I keep being afraid it will happen again. Definitely not spending any money on it again though! Anyway, no point to this comment, I guess I just wanted to vent. haha

  10. You rock!! I have been trying for a week to get my farm progress back and your blog is the bomb!!! I got back everything. Thank you…

  11. Hi! I also had the same issue way back… And unfortunately, the support team is helpless to assist us in such matters. The best they could do is to ask us for a list of missing items, plus some proof and they will compensate it by sending those items. What’s grave is if you don’t have any proof at all! So I devised a way to make sure that my farm gets updated. After a couple of experiments, I found out that their updating mechanism is, well I don’t know how to put it better, garbage. The game only updates when we log in to facebook in game and unfortunately we don’t have a logout button. After that, the game RARELY updates to the cloud. After days of analyzing the game script, here’s the best I came up with:

    1. Almost never log in to fb in game, the items there are not that important anyway. Doing so will ensure that you would have a SURE way to save later.
    2. After doing some progress in your farm, log in to fb when you want to “save”.
    3. To check if you saved properly, click the globe icon and you should see your fb account and your friends in it after the circular spiral thing stopped spinning.
    4. (optional) If you are really want to make sure, close that window and open it again and wait for your account to appear again.

    After this step, you have already saved your game in the cloud. However, another problem arises… You cannot log in again to fb since we don’t have a logout button, thus cannot save anymore in the future! So the workaround I found is this:

    1. In the settings of your phone, navigate to apps, fairy farm and click clear data. This will delete all your data.
    2. Open fairy farm, wait for a message asking you to restore you previous progress and select yes.
    3. There you go! You are now back to where you left off, and you are not yet logged to your fb, thus can save next time.
    4. Repeat as needed.

    PS Make sure you are connected to a STABLE internet connection while doing so. Unstable network may cause corruption on your data.

    If you have already logged in, you have two choices:
    1. Clear your current save (refer above), reload it and hope that the game updated your progress somehow. If it was not recently updated, sorry but you have to work it out again. However doing this and following the steps above will ensure that you don’t have to worry about losing your farm again.
    2. Use a free app called Helium. It backs up your app even if it’s not rooted. Works like wonders. I personally tested it for fairy farm to be working. However, the downside of this option is, you are limited to your current device. You cannot transfer it to your new phone when you change to a newer one or when your phone is lost or stolen.

    That’s all folks! Hope this will make all of our farm safe!

    • Wow, thanks! Although sometimes, I can’t log in to FB even if I have good internet connection. It gives me an error message that something’s wrong with the app. Oh well… :/

      • Uhm, that’s because our internet here in the Philippines is very unstable. Yes, it is fast, but it fluctuates very often. Unfortunately that’s not good enough for fairy farm, though in other games it is. I usually experience that when I’m at home in Palawan. But here in Diliman, I almost never do. Anyway, the best option for us is using Helium. Try it, it’s quite easy to learn…

      • me too ,can’t visit or log in to fb

  12. hey i lost all d candy’s and lolipops i had earned by visiting friends farm

    • It depends actually on your gadget. I have a Samsung android phone, and i can go to settings, applications, manage apps, and then CLEAR DATA. My farm then goes back to zero.

  13. ok..
    thank u 🙂

  14. I just bought a new phone so how can i move my game from my old mobile to the new one without losing all its progress..do u knw hw?

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