Smart Farming Tips for Fairy Farm Mobile (part 2)

I hope you’ve read part 1, which details the plants and animals that you must concentrate on in farming. This post discusses other tips. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. As much as possible, avoid selling items on your storage.

You’ll never know when you’ll need them for quests.

3. Invest in at least one (1) witch’s castle.

Advantages of Having a Witch’s Castle

  • It gives crystals randomly.
  • It gives silver vases, which you can use instead of flowerbeds and cups since they keep your plants from withering.
  • It gives topaz, gold ingot and cash.

The thing is, you can only harvest witch castles every 5 days. Thus, I worked on building not just one. My farm is 10 x 10 and with 7 witch castles, I have some space for around 28 vases and animals on the sides.ย 

4.ย Do not put out too many animals on your farm.

I actually haven’t got any solid proof, but I’ve noticed that whenever I put way too many animals on my farm, or when I visit a neighbor’s farm with a lot of animals, the animation and images on my Fairy Farm app get messed up. To be more specific, I see pixelated green patches that only disappear once I close my app and open it again.

This is an actual screenshot from my Fairy Farm mobile upon visiting a friend’s farm. The image underwent no editing.

Aside from green patches like this, my app also begins too lag with too many animals. My advice is after getting the Summoner achievement award, hide some of the animals with the least produce.

5. Take advantage of good discounts.

I would, of course, advice you to save your crystals for more important quests. But believe it or not, it pays to take advantage of special sales when you can–wisely. If you see those peacocks, elemental cats, spring dragons, unicorns and turtle diamonds on sale, grab them if you can. You’ll need them for some quests and for crafting certain items with the devices. Just remember…

6. Be careful of sale boxes that give out random items.

Personally, I’ve spent quite a lot of crystals on them because I kept getting the same items before managing to acquire the item or animal needed to complete my quests. I spent crystals for 6 cloud cats, 3 ocean cats and 4 vine cats before I got to get a blazing cat. You can go and count how many crystals it cost me.

7. It helps to close your app and open it again once you’ve shared your spells to friends.

There are lots of people who’ve had problems claiming their rewards for casting bottle or cookie spells. I usually get my reward after closing my app and opening it again. (See here for a more detailed explanation on casting spells.)

8. Do not turn off your gadget.

That is if you want to be able to play with genie for free. Genie’s timer restarts whenever you turn off your gadget, so if you want to be able to play with genie every 24 hours, you will have to keep your gadget open all the time.

Are there tips that you would also like to share? Post them here. ๐Ÿ˜‰


44 comments on “Smart Farming Tips for Fairy Farm Mobile (part 2)

  1. Where can I find the e lementals and the cats ( vine cat, blazing cat. ..)?

  2. Hiโ˜บ Could you please explain to me wear to get cloud or blazing cat? It would be appreciatedโค

  3. Hi. So a little tip that works for me is, when you have at least one elemental dragon, 3 crystals, and a bit of energy (4 should be helpfull), start speeding up your dragon. It takes 2 crystals to speed up and you get 3 back. 2 steps back, 3 steps forward. Which means you actualy get a crystal for every one enery. When you have 7 crystals, use 2 to speed up the dragon again and use 5 to buy energy in the shop. It takes a while, but eventualy it pays of. With 35 crystals you can buy 100 energy. And when you get ‘free’ energy from mixing potions or waiting an hour or leveling up or or or, use the free energy for ‘free’ crystals. In about 2 weeks I leveled up from 45 to level 60. I bought 3 expansions and quite a few animals. I also sped up my whitches castle a few times. I have about 70 spare silver vases in storage. With energy that I bought, I planted raspberries as they give 1030 coins and only take 5 mins. I usualy work that I have 100 energy and at least 20 crystals. By planting raspberries and by speeding up my dragon enough times, I have about 2000000 in coins. Which comes in handy when you need to buy flowers from specials. Before I got my first dragon, I kept planting and harvisting raspberries so I could have enough money to buy flowers to summon the eternal dragons with. I kept buying the flowers, not planting them. In the end, the rewards they offer in the time limit quest is not as great as having 42 dragons because I could buy enough flowers to summon them. I still have some flowers left and should be able to summon at least 5 more.

    • ok. sorry. elemental, eternal, whatever. I’m talking about the water wizard, star wizard, fire wizard, lightning ruler etc. you need the earth flowers, mars flowers and saturn flowers to summon them.

  4. I have been looking for kissberries for the longest. I can not figure out which plant drops them. Also how do you enlist prince Richard????

  5. Do you know if there will be an update for Windows players? I cant have friends or connect to FB at all. Also what is the block tab next to the friends/spell tab for? I can not click on that as well.

  6. What trees should I leave on my farm? And what do each of the trees give?

  7. How do you breed the animals?

  8. I am on the quest “special totem” an it says to find the water wizard in the Totem Chest and place it on your farm. But I don’t know where the totem chest is! Newbie need help ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thanks for all the tips. Your site is my goto for my fairyfarm questions.

    I’m wondering if others are having this issue: on an iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1, when I login to facebook inside the ff app, I see my friends that play ff, but tapping them does nothing. Am I wrong about how you visit your friends farms?

  10. where to find gold dust

  11. Hi just wanted to say thank you for such a helpful site! I was wondering if there’s a list of animals like you have the plants??

  12. rei wat level can I get the quest of dragon cave device.?? Or wat quest should I finish just to have it.plzz ty

  13. hi.. may i know where i can get the steel ingots? thank you and God bless..

  14. Can anyone tell me where the masquerade box is located ?

  15. Well. Never mind. It’s the same ol’ BS, you complain about something and it fixes itself! Oh my goodness… ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I’ve spent 30 crystals on 2 expansions thus far and my farm has not grown in size AT ALL. Still cramped. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong? Wasting precious crystals!!

  17. How do you invite tye mermaid on the water everywhere quest?

  18. which animals drop crystals???

  19. What’s the use of an alchemic flask.?

  20. how many levels have the fairy farm in mobile???? right now i’m in level 44…..

  21. Yeah I had the energy spirit for a few days then a failed update lost it. ….Anyway the game force closing resets the genie as well and voids magic words.

  22. Thanks for all of this help! I also wanted to mention a great place to get glass is the attentive wheat. I think I get glass with each plant. Also I have no idea how to visit someone else’s farm ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • see the globe with a gold circle beside your storage chest??..click that..you need to be online and connected to your facebook account in order for you to be able to visit your friends farm..

  23. Hi, do you know how to get the armadillo?

  24. how to log out my facebook account on fairy farm mobile to change my previous facebook?

  25. I just wanted to say thanks for all the ff tips on your blog. It’s really helpful especially the list of items you can get from plants, etc. Also I have quite a few animals on my farm and haven’t had trouble with pixels. Since last update tho I do have a lighting change on my farm. It will get dark then lighten back up. Really annoying.

    • You’re welcome ^_^

      Oh yes, that dimming of light is a recent update, and yes, my eyes usually have trouble keeping up with it >_<

    • The dimming is it changing from day to night. They had a thing on it awhile ago abought if we wanted longer or shorter nights, but sometimes they go too short on the night time.

  26. how to get crystal flower? i could not find it in the plant tab or in the decoration or devices tab…where to find this? please help

  27. Thanks a LOT for all the useful tips, lists and guides for Fairy Farm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your blog is the only good source of information for this game I’ve found so far, and it’s been a lot of help. Cheers ~

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