Smart Farming Tips for Fairy Farm Mobile (part 1)

Which animals should you have on your farm? Which plants should you keep on planting? Which items should you keep on your storage? Which houses should you buy from the shop?

You can find the answers to these, and more by reading on.

Actually, I’m no expert. But as I’m a frequent player, I can only share the things I’ve learned while playing. 🙂

1. Stock up on important items.

I have all the devices sold in the SHOP except for the celestial academy. (I’m still waiting for it to go back on sale, as the last time it had a discount, I didn’t have enough crystals to buy it. 😛 ) I listed all the things players would need to craft items from these devices. Except for the things you can only get as rewards for completing certain quests, you can find the plants, animals and other things you need or might need in the future. 

Which Plants to Keep on Planting

Based on my list, here are the things (FROM PLANTS) that are needed to craft items in the devices. While bored or waiting for new updates or quests, you can stock up on these plants so you’d have it easier when the need for them arises.

Again, these are just from the devices. It doesn’t count things you might need for quests.

pearl peas 80 pearl peapod
cupflower 61 cupflower drop
dignified rose 38 rose bud
clover 23 trefoil
strawberry 23 strawberry
rainbow mushroom 20 rainbow mushroom
flask plant 19 little flask
anemone 18 anemone
burning antenna 17 antenna pod
chocolate beans 16 chocolate beans
attentive rye 13 rye sprouts
scarlet flower 13 scarlet dust
vanilla plant 13 vanilla pod
coffee stalk 12 coffee beans
golden rose 10 golden bud
lawn mandrake 10 mandrake root
peppermint 10 mint sprig
marshroom 10 marshroom cap
lovesmelovesmenot 10 spark of love
starry dandelion 9 dandelion floss
numberlant 8 arithmetic operation
honeyflower 8 honey
transmutation flower 8 transmuting pollen
caramel bush 7 blue caramel
rainbow clover 7 rainbow clover
kissberry 7 spark of passion
arcane hazelnut 6 hazelnuts
hops 5 hopsbud
ice mint 5 ice mint
fizzy onion 5 onion
spectrum sprout 5 spectral leaves
spicy flower 5 fragrant cinnamon
dragon tulip 5 tulip bulb
sky oat 5 oat grain
angelic camomile 4 angelic petals
mystic raspberry 4 raspberry
snowberry 4 snowberry
spring tree 3 undying branch
crystal flower 1 crystal flower

NOTE: For beginners, it would pay to stock up on strawberries, snowberries and raspberries, as you would need them in a number of quests. Strawberries, especially, are often asked for.

Which Animals Should You Have on Your Fairy Farm

As you play on and move from one quest to another, you would probably realize that little by little, you are being required to buy almost all the animals in the SHOP. I didn’t but them all. But while I’m not advising you to do the same, I did find out that some animals are really worth having, as you can use them to complete not just one quest.

Here are items you would need to craft items in the devices and the animals where you can get them.

Prince Robin 12 royal emerald
Prince Leonard, MIX: lab of love 12 spring perfume
turtle diamond, genie, quest 11 turtle diamond
ocean cat 10 water essence
fire cat 8 fire essence
spring dragon 5 dragon’s scale
hen 5 chicken egg
cloud cat 4 air essence
vine cat 3 earth essence
leprechaun family 1 lucky clover

Check out for PART 2 for more tips that can help you on your Fairy Farm! 🙂


57 comments on “Smart Farming Tips for Fairy Farm Mobile (part 1)

  1. What to do with/how to cast bingo cards again?

  2. How did i get three cats blazing cat ocean cat and vine cat

  3. Can’t find Cloud cat, help?

  4. How do i get the chocolate cow?

  5. where do i get purple bingo post/card?

  6. Hi😊 Could you please tell me how to get fire cat, vine cat, ocean cat and cloud cat please😋 It would be appreciated❤❤❤

  7. How do u vet the chocolate cow ?

  8. Hello .. i have two problems .. 1 Special offers are not available on my mobile device .. and 2 my game is not conacting with fb .. pls help me

  9. i looked in the decorations tab for the magic flame and i cant find it anywwhere

  10. How do I plant ingredients? I have a quest telling me to plant 5 anemones, harvest them and then plant them in the flower beds but I can’t figure out how to get them in the dang flower beds

  11. Hi, where can I get the Leprechaun Family? says in the gold chest, where is that? thank you.

  12. My spring tree is in storage can’t get it out also can’t find prince Leonard. Help

  13. I have a questions for u… how do u get a crystal flower? I’m not sure plz help…

  14. I just bought a new phone so how can i move my game from my old mobile to the new one without losing all its progress..do u knw hw?

  15. where can i find the leperchuan family?

  16. may i ask you in what quest i can get the dragon dwelling ,, ? please help me and also if i finish the quest that i need to buy spring dragon ,, how many crystal that i get to this quest? please answer..

    • The dragon dwelling was from a (PROBABLY) seasonal quest some updates ago. Seasonal quests are those that expire by the next update, which means that the quests disappear when they have a new update.

      Actually, I’m not sure if that rainbow dragon quest was only seasonal, but in case it isn’t, you will eventually encounter it if you keep finishing your pending quests.

    • As for the spring dragon, I’m sorry but I don’t remember. Best to wait for it to go on sale/discount offer.

    • Getting confussion on dragon’s dwelling quest too.. It’s says “place keeper dragon right by the cave” , i already put 4 dragons (1 black dragon, 3 red wyrm) surrounded the cave, and the quest not clear yet…(@_@)a

  17. Hi gud evening..how and where can i get the recipe in royal crane crown?!

  18. How / where can I find prince leonard & prince robin ?

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  23. Where do i get the crystal mushroom? Ahhh im stuck

  24. hope you can help me. im stuck in my quest titled The fairy of The Lake. make a bouquet for the fairy.

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