How to get free crystals on Fairy Farm Mobile

Updated: Sept. 22, 2013 (updates in blue font)

Whenever I hang out at the Fairy Farm Mobile Community on Facebook, I always see fellow players complaining about lost crystals, asking how to get crystals, and sharing how they failed to finish their quests because they lack crystals to buy the necessary items. There are also those who cast bottle spells but fail to get their crystals even when other players have already cast them.

I’ve had those problems, too. And while there’s nothing much I can do to solve problems with the game’s reliability, I can only share the things I do to earn as much crystals as I can.

I don’t buy crystals for real cash. I’m not really one of those who could. But for those who can spend some real money to get the crystals they want, here are some pretty good sources of daily Fairy Farm crystals.Β 

NOTE: I apologize for the poor quality of screenshots. My screen is small. ^_^

Fairy Farm Animals that Give Crystals Everyday

    • Red Wyrm

      So far, buying it through the sale box on the top left of the screen is the only way I know to get this animal. As of press time, it seems to be a permanent offer on the sale box. You’d have to buy it for $19.99, but with the package shown in the image above, you’d get some good fuel to keep you going on your quests. The best part is, the Red Wyrm gives crystals everyday.

    • Pink DragonessThis is the Red Wyrm’s pair, also giving daily crystals. She appears on the sale box occasionally, and if I’m not mistaken, you can buy her for pretty much the same price.
    • Other dragons: Rainbow Dragon (can be acquired for FREE), Rainbow Dragoness and other dragons of the sort (Keeper Dragon and Black Dragon are NOT included.)

      Rainbow Dragon

      Rainbow Dragon

      Like the Red Wyrm and Pink Dragoness, you can buy these dragons for real cash when they appear on the special sale boxes. However, with the Dragon update where you’d have to plant pearl gardens, harvest lots of pearls and get a rainbow egg, you’d have a chance of getting a Rainbow Dragon for FREE! At least, until the offer lasts. You’ll never know when the developers would decide to take out that feature again.

      So great was my joy when I finally got a rainbow dragon after thousands of pearls harvested and more thousands of pearl gardens planted. :’) He gives 1-3 crystals daily.Β 

Now of course, not everybody can spend some real money on mobile games. Thus, we’ll have to earn our crystals with hard work. Here are ways I earn free crystals:

How to Get Free Fairy Farm Crystals


    It’s probably one of the fastest ways to earn crystals, but your chances are limited. See that GLOBE icon on the lower right corner of the screen? Click it, then click the ACHIEVEMENTS tab (trophy icon), and see the things you have to accomplish to get those precious rewards.

    For those asking how to be a Novice/Adept/Expert/Master Traveller, other players told me that these achievements involve getting crystals from Tap Joy offers.

  • Avail of TAPJOY OFFERS.

    If you click that BUY button under your crystal counter at the top left corner of your screen, you’ll see the menu shown above. Then if you click that button saying EARN FREE CRYSTALS, you’ll be directed to a list of offers that you can complete to get free crystals.

    I’ll have to warn you, though, that I’ve seen players complain that they didn’t get the crystals promised. For such complaints, there is a link on the page for people with missing crystals.

    Tapjoy offers usually involve downloading certain apps, playing certain games or buying certain items. Take your pick.

  • Complete QUESTS.

    Available quests can be found by clicking the icons on the right side of the screen. Completing different quests can earn you crystals from 1 to a happy 100. πŸ˜€ Just to be clear, not all quests have crystals for a prize.

  • Β Level up. You earn 1 crystal each time.
  • Build WITCH CASTLES, FLYING ISLANDS, WIZARD TENTS and IGLOOs.Β They are sold at the Houses tab in the SHOP. Witch castle costs 900,000 coins and flying island costs 800 crystals. They take days to “ripen up”, but they do give random crystals once in a while.
  • Have complete/adult PRINCE ROBIN and PRINCESS ANNETTE.These two, when placed beside each other, also randomly give crystals. Take note: Prince Robin without Princess Annette only gives royal emerald and coins. Princess Annette before she is transformed through the Dream Circle device also does not give crystals. They have to be TOGETHER.
    • Here’s a TIP: Whenever I join the race for casting spells on the FFMC Facebook page, I usually have my gadget and laptop at the ready. I keep refreshing the page to get ahead of others in seeing new spells. So I browse for new spells, refresh immediately after checking, then find spells again. Also, I usually only look at the first FFMC thread and the box showing other people’s wall posts. Sometimes, I look at earlier posts, but not so much. I suggested a steady thread just for spells before, but FFMC probably didn’t think it’s cute. >_<
  • LOG IN to your Facebook Account.Β If you haven’t logged in, do so. You can also check everytime you open your farm, as once in a while you can get logged out of Facebook. Every log in gives you 5 crystals. To sign in, just click the GLOBE, go to the FRIENDS tab, and click the corresponding button. (As of the Paint/Colors update in April 2012, the 5 crystals bonus has been removed. 😦 )
  • Keep checking out the official Facebook Page of Fairy Farm Mobile CommunityΒ for occasional freebies.Β Just remember to cast the spells properly to get your rewards.
  • NEW!!! Make sure to grab the MERCHANT’S GIFT from the Mysterious Merchant update. This little blue creature called ENERGY SPIRIT gives crystals EVERY 12 HOURS! (UPDATE: The Energy Spirit only gives crystals OCCASIONALLY now.)

Do you know of other ways to get free crystals?


103 comments on “How to get free crystals on Fairy Farm Mobile

  1. lYhD(‘,(.).,”.

  2. Where do I find keeper dragon? Also I have to make lighting and I’ve got wings and saddle. How do I assemble them?

  3. How do i get ‘keeper dragon’ ?

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  5. Where is zombie arm ?????

  6. I didn’t get my bunny’s and I’ve paid twice not fair what’s going on.

  7. How do I finish the caring mother’s quest. Also the Christmas tree quest please. I thank you in advance

  8. I earned the King’s and Witch’s packages (found in the mailbox) but I don’t understand what the point of having them is. What do you do with it? What’s it for?

  9. If you can get the Crystal Keeper Dragon, you can get crystals. It gives you 3 each time you harvest it.
    Buy 100 energy for 35 crystals.
    Continuously “speed up” your full grown Crystal Keeper. You will get a profit of 1 crystal per collection.
    With 100 energy purchased from the shop you will get 65 crystals profit. And that’s not counting the energy you start with.

    • Also, for coins, the Mystic Raspberry plant has the greatest profit available. I have run the numbers and you get the most money back on your original purchase cost. And, it only takes 5 minutes to grow.

  10. Can I still get the Rainbow Dragon by planting pearls, or does that not work anymore?

  11. Also would like to know how to reset offerwalls

  12. Also where can I get a Saturn berry or mars berry

  13. Having trouble hooking up to the net any more suggestions thanks

  14. How to gets ice free bud and ice free flower?

  15. […] How to get free crystals on Fairy Farm Mobile | Rei Swords … – Apr 12, 2013Β Β· Updated: Sept. 22, 2013 (updates in blue font) Whenever I hang out at the Fairy Farm Mobile Community on Facebook, I always see fellow players …… […]

  16. […] How to get free crystals on Fairy Farm Mobile | Rei … – Apr 12, 2013Β Β· Updated: Sept. 22, 2013 (updates in blue font) Whenever I hang out at the Fairy Farm Mobile Community on Facebook, I always see fellow players complaining …… […]

  17. Hey how can I get water wizard or the totem chest

  18. I need help! Please! Tell me how to reset the Offerwall so i can get free crystals? No more offers for me 😭😭

  19. Where do you find the lost chest? I have to find the silver fluffy inside the lost chest.

  20. where I can find princess annete ?

  21. Customer service will not help or refund anything have sent 30 email with receipt and it has been over a mo and only 3 email that say they tryed to send stuff never got any of it and won’t give me my 25$ back because of tec diff it’s a cut game but a money scam very glitchey never got any of the offer crystals and FB crystals and now am stuck because spring tree is stuck in storage my spells never work and no one with game will help play at own risk not to mention been to level 40 with 20$ dragon and every unicorn and it glitches out and starts over so over all it is crap good luck! Started over 4 times in two years and you really can’t earn enuff crystals to play game

  22. How can I find farmer’s chest Can you help me

  23. ratsseratera


  25. Where is the merchant gift??



  28. I cannot get prince Robin how do I get him driving me crazy ta

    • Eventually… either when you reach a certain level in the game, or else when the developers randomly run them every few months – you will download an update that will give you a long string of quests to complete to obtain the 3 princes and also Princess Annette. For me, it hit pretty much with no warning and it was by far the longest and most complex string of quests I’ve seen yet.

      To be prepared for it, make sure you have:

      1. all the magic mixers (Magic Cauldron, Wizard’s Table, Dreamcircle, mailbox, etc, you’ll need almost all at some point except the Celestial Academy).

      2. plenty of planting space – work on creating vases so you don’t have to worry about withering, but each individual quest can have 45-105 planting spots taken up at once.

      3. as many crystals and coins saved up as you can. For coins I used to plant crop after crop after crop of rainbow clovers, they net 1,050 coins in 6 hrs. Now I have over 9 million coins and nothing to spend them on (^_-). Work those “free crystals” offers like a fiend while you’re watching tv. Take screenshots of each offer at each stage of it, including when you first click on it and the window pops up with how many crystals you’re supposed to receive, so you can prove you did them all. Be resigned to the fact that you will probably have to contact support and gripe to get the crystals you earned sometimes – BUT as long as you have those screenshots, customer support WILL fix it within a few days.

      4. Connect your game w FB and make at least 10 (the more the better) friends or so who also play, and visit their farms daily to obtain gifts you cannot get anywhere else.

      Then just wait for that string of quests to arrive in an update, and you’ll be off and running. Get through them asap, so you don’t end up stuck with a stone Annette. It’s frustrating waiting for it, I know; it feels like you’re not really playing the game until you get them. But it will come along.

  29. How does one save Princes Robin and Leonard??? I have a quest to do this, but no direction on how. I saved Prince Richard some time ago, but seem to remember that there was direction on how to do this. Help!!!

  30. Hi, I have earned crystals by regularly connecting to facebook. Its vey simple. You start playing and join the facebook. You will get 5 crystals. You turn off the game & clear the game data from your phone & again switch on the game. Itwould have been stopped where you had logged in eith fb. This way you can play your game task by task and also get crystals. Sometimes it hangs. Then you can turn off your phone and restart it and also by clearing the fb data from phone settings.
    I also got “Ice Dragon” with 199crystals in special offer. It also offers red wrym. But due to bad luck couldn’t get that in 24 hours. This Ice dragon also gives crystals every 12 hours. The ammount is 1-3. Hope this will help.

  31. tumahimik ka ang hirap gawin

  32. paano ba pag level 7 pa lang gusto ko ako ay maraming crystal at pera para maka bili ako ng kahit ano

  33. Where can i find the energy spirit?

  34. I think it’s worth saying here that the company shouldn’t be trusted. They’ve become extremely greedy and recently withdrew massive amounts of crystals from many people after they bought an offer box. Someone running the page said it was a glitched box, but it was their mistake and not the player’s. Since the crystals aren’t hacked into the game, they legally belonged to the player, but the developers withdrew the crystals anyway and left the game unplayable due to leaving the player with a negative crystal balance and an inability to do anything with the game. I have uninstalled after being told the crystals were not being returned, so I don’t know if the issue has been fixed. But I thought I would just say trusting this game company isn’t a good idea. They’ve proven they are not interested in anything but robbing players. That’s pretty obvious from the increasing number of quests requiring crystals and real money.

    • Yes right on! Everything you said just rang true for me too. Thanks for being honest. It’s too bad because it is a cute game with great potential.

  35. rattiturcira

  36. Hi there.its really grate that u decide to make this website and help other players.Awesome! Do u know how or where to get Closed Bud?Thanks.

  37. Ok….I cant download the hack tool to my kindle and I’m stuck in the game….help??

  38. can tou tell me about the way to make princess annette being human again ?? my princess transform into stone and I couldn’t get crystal from her and prince robin anymore,

  39. Hi! I really want to earn more crystals, i envy other peoples farm was so huge and beautiful, i want to be like them. maybe they can buy crystals for real money. How does the winners win to the prizes that the FFMC given? How they choose the winners? I always participate in the game for the rewards, but never been win.. I really want to upgrade.. Thanks.. ;)))

  40. Hi there, where is the link for ppl with missing crystals please?

  41. i know a better cheat of this game>>>:)

  42. do you know when was the dragon update back ,, also i want to know why dragon cave is not here in my device tab ?

  43. also may i know what are the animals that give crystals and i want to know the name of dragons in fairy farm?please answer me

  44. can i ask what are the secret rewards inside the western palace ,, wizards tent and wizards house..please reply .. thanks

  45. is the spring dragon and spring dragoness can give crystals ? how about the unicorns do they give crystals thank you for the reply

  46. How do you get sales boxes to come up? Thanks!!

  47. Please help me I still can’t open fairy farm, how can I do

  48. hi guyz..
    can somebody please tell me how to remove the carriage of love from the farm??..i tried to put it in my storage several times but it never worked..
    thanx πŸ™‚

    • after a couple of quests after you get the carriage of love you will be able to remove it and then sell it for 300 coins.

    • You can actually interact with some decoration items like the ferriswheel and the lamp post. These items, once you click or interact with them, take some time to sort of “recharge”, so you cant put them in the storage. You just have to wait til they’re ready again. Probably after a day, try to put them in the storage. MAKE SURE NOT TO CLICK THEM before trying ok? otherwise, you’d have to wait again. πŸ˜‰

  49. how to convert offline fairy farm coins in offline fairy farm crystals

  50. help me in a quest PREPARE PAINTS. find the blue/orange/pearly paint in http://www.facebook.com/ifairyfarm

    • I think the spells for the paint have already expired. You can still try them though. Check out that link, look for the posts of paint spells and cast them on your farm.

  51. Hello..can you help me?
    How can I get princess Annete?

    I’ve been long not play this games in my android,but on June I’ve updated the game …but till now I haven’t received princess annete quest..Is it probably gone??

    Can you help me too…how to solve decypher numberplant request?

    And my last question…I’ve bought eastern table and place it outside and click it to prepare meal…but my quest still can’t solve+complete..

    Hope you can help me and answer my 3 questions..^_^

    Thank you very much…

    • I think the Princess Anette quest is a staple one, which means it’s not seasonal and does not expire like the others. However, maybe you have to finish other quests in your farm before you get the Princess quest. I had to wait for her too long too. Had to finish several quests before I got her.

      “how to solve decypher numberplant request?”
      –I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand. Can you explain a bit more? πŸ™‚

      As for your eastern table, is the quest still active? Maybe it’s a seasonal quest, so when you updated your app, this quest disappeared and the new quest (summer quest I think) took its place.

      • Sorry for late reply….

        Thank you so much for all people in this website who helped answer my question
        I have success completed all quest

        Now I just have 2 difficult task: spend 1000 crystal + make fly unicorn which need a lot of crystal…so I can’t complete it

        I wish the game give us a lot of free crystal ^_^

        I curious about merchant gift…blue creature…where I can get it?is that need real money?

        Thank you all for helping me

        • It took me a while to finish the 1000 crystal quest. You dont have to spend crystals unnecessarily. Just do it when you have to, like when you need to complete other quests.

          As for the unicorn quest, you can wait for the unicorns to go on sale. You’ll get discounts.

          You can get the merchant’s gift as prize when you finish the quest.

          • thank you for helping me ..
            Did you know..if I completed unicorn quest and 1000 crystal quest get what??

            maybe just money experience? or maybe I get some crystal?how many? maybe you know???

            thank you for helping me

            • I already forgot about the unicorn quest. Maybe you’d get some crystals, but I’m not sure. As for the 1000 crystal quest, I think you’d get the black dragon. Anyway, you’ll eventually finish the 1000 crystal quest even if you don’t try to as long as you keep playing. After all, you’d always have to spend crystals to finish new/seasonal quests.

    • on how to decipher a numberplant:

      you need to have at least 8 harvest of numberplant flowers (sorry, i’m not sure what it’s called)..you’ll be needing to have 5 little flask (you can get it by planting flask plant)..and, 1 lucky clover which you can get for 1 crystal..all you have to do is to create the ancient recipe in order for you to finish the quest (transmute it through the wizard table)

      • Sorry for late reply

        Thank you for helping me
        I have completed all quest…

        Right now I just have 2 difficult quest

        Spend 1000 crystal + make fly unicorn
        (Too many crystal..I don’t have it)
        So I just wait for next update

        Thank you^_^

  52. I loiveee this game….

  53. can anyone having a problem regarding on their game that is always do the re installing game??? im getting mad on it.., im already in level 46 then turn way back to level 37 and all my animals ( which is elemental cats, 4 unicorns, dragon, spring couple dragons) is lost together with my laboratory and the upgrade unicorns. do u know how can get it back all??? i already send them a email but they won’t response at me.

    • Oh no, I heard a lot of players have experienced that, and the only thing I could suggest (as it is also what the Facebook community moderator suggests) is that you keep trying to contact the developers. 😦

  54. Can I still get these merchant’s gift ?

  55. How can I find crystal flower and rescue princess annette? Can you help me?

    • As of the update with the Merchant’s Gift, the crystal plant hasn’t returned to the shop. The only way you can get it now is by buying it with crystals. Last I checked, it’s worth 5 crystals, but you only need 1.

  56. Thanks for your tips Rei. I have however tried to get the 5 crystals by logging into my facebook account, but with no luck. Could you explain a bit more? Thanks.

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