How to Cast a Spell on Fairy Farm Mobile

I’ve been seeing it quite a lot–players casting the spells on the Facebook community page of Fairy Farm Mobile, and players asking how to cast spells.

It’s true. Casting spells will earn you rewards, including precious crystals, XP points and coins– but only if you do it right.

So for those who keep wondering why they can’t get those crystals other players are talking about, let me give you a walk-through. 😉

First, you have to know what spells you can cast. 

Types of Fairy Farm Spells and How to Get Them

  • Fortune Cookies – Spells from this usually give the original caster some used scroll, XP and coins. However, there was a time that I also got one crystal from casting my own fortune cookie spell. If you cast other people’s cookie spells, you can get XP and coins.You can get fortune cookies from the Fortune Tree sold in the SHOP. However, it costs crystals. Fortunately, you can also get them randomly on your farm by clearing weeds or harvesting certain plants, trees or animals. So far, I’ve gotten them from the cloud cat, bean stalk, cactus, coffee, pumpkin and purple orchids.
  • A Message in a Bottle – A favorite among other spells, bottle spells give the original caster five crystals, used scroll and probably some XP or coins. It sometimes changes. Once, I got 4 crystals from my spell. If you cast other people’s spells, you get 1 crystal, coins and XP.You can get it from the Wizard’s Table. It is sold in the SHOP’s DEVICES tab for 40,000 coins.

    Open it and find the mix for A Message in a Bottle.

    Click TRANSMUTE, and the bottle will go to your MAGIC WORDS Tab. (To find out how to get purefire, glass and cork, check out this list of Fairy Farm items and where to get them.) You can find it by clicking the GLOBE icon on the lower right corner of your screen, and opening the MAGIC WORDS tab (parchment and quill icon).

  • Closed Bud – I haven’t tried casting this spell myself, so other players might want to help me out. 😛 However, casting other people’s bud spell gets you 3 energy.This source of spell is very rare, as you can only find it very occasionally by visiting your friends’ farms. I’ve been visiting friends for quite a while, and I’ve only gotten one ever since. (By the way, visiting friends can also get you some freebies like coins, strawberries or raspberries, devoted amulets and energy.
  • Special Spells from the Fairy Farm Mobile Community’s official Facebook Page – Once in a while, FFMC gives spells where players can get animals, rare items, crystals, or pretty much anything the players need. Like all spells, you can only cast them once. They also expire after a few days, or when they have been cast by the maximum number of people alloted by the developers.

Here’s an old example:

Since there are differences in the rewards I get from casting my own spells, I can’t be so sure of the actual numbers. I’m guessing that sometimes, you get the combined rewards from a fortune cookie and a bottle in one notification.

Now let’s get to casting spells. There are two ways to earn crystals and other good stuff from spells: casting spells of your own and casting other people’s spells. Let’s go to the first one.

How to Cast Your Own Spell on Fairy Farm Mobile

    1. Open your MAGIC WORDS tab (instructions are mentioned above).
    2. Click or tap the spell you want to open. Once you do, a magic word will appear. Here, I tried casting a cookie spell and a bottle spell.
    3. Share the magic word/s to your friends. A lot of people do it on the FFMC Facebook Page. Make sure to spell it/them right. Some players just post a screenshot to be sure.
    4. Once you’ve posted it, wait for other players to LIKE it. Or wait a minute or two. Players cast spells really fast, so you wouldn’t have to wait too long. Likes aren’t really that necessary, but they’re a good way to get notified that other players have already cast your spell. Look! I got 3 Likes in just a few seconds!
      Fairy Farm Spell Likes
    5. Exit your farm properly, then open it again. A lot of people get problems not receiving the rewards. I’ve experienced that a number of times too. But I noticed that I get my reward after closing and opening my app again.

If your spells were succesfully cast, you’ll get your well-deserved rewards! ^_^ I got only one notification even though I cast two spells. 😦 But maybe it’s already a combination of my rewards for the two?

There you have it. Now here’s the other way. As mentioned earlier, you can also earn crystals and other stuff by casting other players’ spells, and the special spells from FFMC. This one is simpler, but in a way, harder. You’ll understand soon enough.

How to Cast Other Players’ and FFMC’s Spells on Your Fairy Farm

  1. Open the MAGIC WORDS tab.
  2. Click that box/button on the right saying CAST A SPELL.
  3. Type the spell you want to cast and click OK. Click ok again if asked.

Remember: You can’t cast a spell from your own cookie, bud or bottle. You will also have to spell the words correctly. Most of all, remember to BE QUICK. There are many other players competing for the spells and each spell can only be cast for a limited number of times. Afterwards, the spell expires. Based on experience, spells from other players expire in just a few seconds. On rare times when there aren’t too many users online, they can last for a few minutes before running out.


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  37. Still having trouble opening fortune cookies/message in a bottle and I need to open both for a quest. ” Could not generate a Magic Word. Might be a problem with Magic Ministry’s server. Please try again later. ” This is the message I keep getting EVERY TIME I try to open either one……Any suggestions?

    • did you get the latest updates? are your cookies and bottles ok now?

    • I try to cast a spell before I update fairy farm and can not.every time I press this menu to go to cast a spell or see friends,its get error and the game get shut down.every single time.after I update the game I start to get to this menu.but I still cant visit my friends farms.I remember I use to do it before,in my old fairy farm,before I lost it.but not anymore.may be try to update ur farm?!

  38. Is there any other way to contact customer service besides email

  39. Is there a way to contact customer service beside an email

  40. Thank you hope We can be friends maybe help else other out. OK another question how do you know What words to use when u cast a spell and when to cast it. U are so help.

    • You can try to find me on Facebook. 😉 Some readers already have. 😛
      I think I’ve discussed casting spells on this post in detail. Is there anything you don’t understand much?

  41. Thank you hope We can be friends maybe help else other out. OK another question

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    I cant visit my friends even if I’m already connected to Facebook in my phone?

    Hoping on your feedback.

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  44. Having much trouble with spell casting – will try again!! Also how do you get the mobile store come up in the. Top left hand corner.

  45. Erm. Does it matter when to cast them? I mean somehow I never see posts with magic words on FFMC page. I really don’t want to anger the community and administration 🙂

    Thank you for your help, btw. You are awesome

    • I don’t quite understand your problem. >_<
      As for casting the spells, you’d have to be fast because there is only a limited number of players who can cast a spell shared on the FB page, and there are many players competing. A lot of them are quite fast.
      As for the magic words, try to check the comments to FFMC’s posts.


  47. What does Pollen of the Fairy do? (Where you buy energy) 🙂

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