List of Fairy Farm Mobile Items/Ingredients (and Where to Get Them)

Fairy Farm on Android

Fairy Farm on Android

UPDATED: Oct. 27, 2013

Yes, I’m quite an avid player of Fairy Farm on Android and an active member of itsmobile community on Facebook. My boyfriend would often smile, sigh and shake his head all at once as I take the chance to play the game on the streets, on the train, while eating, in the toilet, and pretty much in every chance I get. ๐Ÿ˜›

However, I noticed when I was starting (and even up until now) that despite its growing number of players who are pretty much like me (or crazier :P), there aren’t too many helpful online sources that players–be it newbies or veterans–can refer to. I’m relatively new to the game myself, but at least, I thought I can somehow help.

So here’s a list of Fairy Farm Mobile items I’ve encountered so far and where to get them. Happy farming! ^_^ย 

a message in a bottle MIX wizard’s table
air cream ANIMAL sheep/ram
air essence ANIMAL cloud cat
ancient folio MIX laboratory
ancient recipe MIX wizard’s table
ancient scroll Others FFMC FB spell
anemone PLANT anemone
angelic petals PLANT angelic camomile
angry jack PLANT any of the 3 gloomy pumpkins: blue, purple & green
antenna pod PLANT burning antenna
arithmetic operation PLANT numberlant
ball of string PLANT knit-flower
banana PLANT banana flower
barrel (for foam drink) Others buy with coins from the magic cauldron
bat TREE bat tree
beauty elixir MIX magic cauldron
blue balloon TREE balloon tree
blue candy Others FB, visiting friends
blue caramel PLANT caramel bush
blue firefly Others ice mint, angelic camomile, marshroom
blue paint Others FFMC FB spell
blueberry PLANT forest blueberry
bottle for pickles Others buy with coins from the cupboard with potions
bottled ship MIX glass-blowing machine
box of sweets Others Prince Richard, flower of sweets
brass vase MIX potter’s wheel
bun TREE bread tree
california maki PLANT sushi plant
candy TREE halloween tree
candy pumpkin MIX jack’s cauldron
caramel apples MIX jack’s cauldron
castle in a bottle MIX glass-blowing machine
chicken egg ANIMAL hen, buy with crystal
chocolate beans PLANT chocolate plant
clay Others clearing stones/mushrooms/grass, buy with crystal
clay plate Others buy with crystals
clay vase MIX potter’s wheel, buy with crystals
clock TREE midnight tree
coffee beans PLANT coffee stalk
cork Others plants
corn cob PLANT corn
cranberry PLANT sugar cranberry, cranberry
crane crown Others (DISCLAIMER: This is just a guess, at least based on what other players said.) Genie: play with REAL cash.
crane feather Others Genie: play with crystals
crystal flower PLANT crystal flower,ย buy with crystals
crystal shard Others FB
crystal shoe MIX laboratory of love
crystals Others See: https://reiswords.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/how-to-get-free-crystals-on-fairy-farm-mobile/
cup of coffee MIX coffee marquee
cupflower drop PLANT cupflower
curing treat MIX crystal of attraction
dandelion floss PLANT starry dandelion
dark bud PLANT dark rose
dark chocolate MIX coffee marquee, buy withย coins
decoction of truth MIX MIX: magic cauldron
devil’s horn PLANT devil’s horn
devotion amulet Others visiting friends,ย buy with crystal
dragon garden MIX wizard’s table
dragon scale vase MIX laboratory
dragon’s scale ANIMAL spring dragon, spring dragoness, forest spirit, water spirit, buy with crystals
earth essence ANIMAL vine cat
ectoplazm TREE ghost tree
EGG: chinese red & gold MIX wizard’s table
EGG: green & gold stripes MIX wizard’s table
EGG: pink & swirly gold MIX wizard’s table
EGG: swirly green & red MIX wizard’s table
elixir of freedom MIX cupboard with potions
energy pot MIX cupboard with potions
experience scroll Others quest,ย buy with crystal
eyes PLANT curious eyes
firefly Others lantern
fire essence ANIMAL fire cat
flour MIX windmill, buy with crystal
flying pumpkin PLANT devil’s bush
foam drink MIX magic cauldron, buy with crystals
fortune cookies Others pumpkin, cactus, bean stalk, coffee and purple orchids, cloud cat, ย clearing weeds
fragrant cinnamon PLANT spicy flower
fresh broccoli TREE broccoli tree
frying pan Others FB. buy with crystals
genie’s bottle MIX glass-blowing machine
glass Others dragon tulip, amiable glass, pearl peapod
glass fruits TREE glass fruit tree
gold ingot TREE golden tree, golden rose, witch castle,ย buy with crystal
golden bud PLANT golden rose
golden paint MIX wizard’s table
golden vase MIX laboratory / wizard’s castle,ย buy with crystals
green nectar MIX magic cauldron
green paint MIX wizard’s table
happy jack PLANT any of the 3 gloomy pumpkins: blue, purple & green
hazelnuts PLANT arcane hazelnut
honey PLANT honeyflower
hopsbud PLANT hops
hot chocolate MIX coffee marquee
hunter’s amulet Quest
ice mint PLANT ice mint
jack’s secret MIX jack’s cauldron
jam-filled pancakes MIX windmill
jam jar Others buy with coins from the cupboard with potions
jam saucer Others buy with coins from the cupboard with potions
king’s package MIX mailbox
life crystal Quest
little flask PLANT flask plant
little ghost TREE halloween tree
lollipop Others FB, visiting friends
lucky clover ANIMAL leprechaun couple, gremlin couple, penguin couple, buy with crystal
magic apple TREE witch apple tree, buy with coins
magic flame SHOP SHOP > Decorations tab
magic sand Others wood pond, buy with crystal
mandrake root PLANT lawn mandrake
marshroom cap PLANT marshroom
marvellous bouquet MIX mailbox
milk chocolate MIX coffee marquee, buy withย crystal
milk cocktail MIX coffee marquee
minstrel MIX dreamcircle
mint sprig PLANT peppermint
mistletoe TREE magic mistletoe
moon TREE fullmoon tree
mosaic vase MIX potter’s wheel
oat grain PLANT sky oat
onion PLANT fizzy onion
onion curly PLANT gilliweed
orange Others visiting friends
orange paint Others FFMC FB spell
pancake MIX windmill, buy with crystal
pancakes with caviar MIX windmill
pearl PLANT pearl garden
pearl peapod PLANT pearl peas
pearly paint Others FFMC FB spell
pink firefly Others sushi plant, arcane hazelnut, pearl pea, honey
pink paint MIX wizard’s table
planks TREE lush oak
potion of strength MIX cupboard with potions
potion of the future MIX magic cauldron
precious vase MIX laboratory,ย buy with crystals
pudding PLANT puddingrass
pumpkin PLANT mysterious pumpkin
pumpkin pie PLANT pumpkin plant
pure fire Others hopsbud, sugar cranberry, purple orchid, flask plant, numberlant, marshroom, spectral leaves, cupflower, scarlet flower, hazelnuts, snowberry, sushi plant
purple bloom PLANT Purple Orchid
purple crystal vase MIX potter’s wheel
purple paint MIX wizard’s table
quadement MIX altar of wishes
rabbit floss ANIMAL amorous bunny couple
rainbow bud PLANT rainbow rose
rainbow clover PLANT rainbow clover, leprechauns
rainbow egg MIX dragon cave device (acquired through a quest)
rainbow mushroom PLANT rainbow mushroom
rainbow paint MIX wizard’s table
rainbow rose PLANT rainbow bud
raspberry PLANT mystic raspberry, visiting friends
raspberry jam MIX cupboard with potions
red balloon TREE balloon tree
red candy Others FB, visiting friends
red caramel PLANT caramel bush
red caviar Others FB, buy with crystals
red paint MIX wizard’s table
rescuer’s key MIX crystal of attraction
restored pages Others FFMC FB spell
rose bud PLANT dignified rose, red rose
royal crane MIX altar of wishes
royal drink MIX magic cauldron,ย buy with crystals
royal emerald ANIMAL Prince Robin
ruby feather ANIMAL peacock couple
rye sprouts PLANT attentive rye
salty mandrake MIX cupboard with potions
scarlet dust PLANT scarlet flower
shivery flower PLANT shivery bush
silver ingot Others magic flame
silver leaf TREE silver tree
silver vase MIX potter’s wheel / witch’s castle, buy with crystals
smith’s package MIX mailbox
snowberry PLANT snowberry
sorcerer’s arrow Quest
sorcerous ring Quest
spark of love PLANT lovesmelovesmenot
spark of passion PLANT kissberry
spectral leaves PLANT spectrum sprout
spring happiness MIX dreamcircle
spring perfume ANIMAL Prince Leonard, MIX: lab of love
staff of life MIX mailbox
staff shaft Quest
strange jack PLANT any of the 3 gloomy pumpkins: blue, purple & green
strawberry PLANT strawberry, visiting friends
strawberry jam MIX cupboard with potions
sugar Others QUEST, buy with crystal
sunclock MIX wizard’s table
topaz Others unicorns, witches castle, genie,ย buy with crystals
transformation potion MIX celestial academy
transmuting pollen PLANT transmutation flower,ย buy with crystal
trefoil PLANT clover, leprechaun couple
trilement MIX altar of wishes
tulip bulb PLANT dragon tulip, spring tulip
tumbleweed PLANT tumbleweed
tureen Others buy with crystals, genie
turtle diamond ANIMAL turtle diamond, genie, quest
undying branch PLANT spring tree
unicorn signs Others buy with crystals from the Celestial Academy device
unicorn wool ANIMAL unicorns
used scroll Others fortune cookie spell, bottle spell
vanilla pod PLANT vanilla plant
water essence ANIMAL ocean cat
water vase MIX laboratory
wedding cake MIX coffee marquee
white balloon TREE balloon tree
white chocolate MIX coffee marquee, buy with crystals
witch essence TREE witch tree
witch’s package MIX mailbox
wrapping paper Others buy with coins at the mailbox
yellow caramel PLANT caramel bush
zombie flower PLANT zombie’s arm



713 comments on “List of Fairy Farm Mobile Items/Ingredients (and Where to Get Them)

  1. Looking for snowflake for Essence Returning Potion for the Essence Returning Potion Part 2 quest

  2. can someone tell me where to get a mermaid for the “message in a bottle” quest? it’s supposed to be in the decoration tab but I can’t find it anywhere. thnx!

  3. I’m playing this game at the moment. Don’t know if you still play it. But if someone reads this, does someone know where you can get a water wizard? The quest doesn’t give enough information.

    I really like the game but it gets more and more difficult the more you level up. That makes sense ofcourse.

    But it’s also really difficult to play the game without buying diamonds. For almost every quest you need an item that you can only buy with diamonds. Maybe I should consider buying diamonds?

    Maybe it’s worth it because I really like this game. On the other hand I don’t want to waste my money on it. Before you know it becomes a habit and then I won’t be able to play the game without buying diamonds every month so.

    For the people that still play Fiary Farm or see this message, have you already bought diamonds? Or did still you manage to reach the next levels from around level 20 without buying diamonds?

    • I’m on level 42 right now, and I’d got to about level 200 on my old phone without buying any diamonds.so na you don’t absolutely have to buy them

  4. Where we get Derita the wise panther. Where we get keeper dragon and zombie flower. How we prepare light for race

  5. Where can i get zombie flower

  6. where can I get MAGIC WATER?? ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    • From all that ive read, you get water from a sea horse (not the one you can buy with gems) but from a quest. You also have to take care of a golden goose. So keep doing quests!

  7. how can I get the fire ess
    ence? or where can I get the blazing cat?

  8. Anyone who knows where to find zombie’s arm? Can’t find it in the plants tab.

  9. I am looking for lemons and totem chest

  10. Where can I find the ice chest

  11. How can I find the hamster home stead

  12. Where i can get ‘keeper dragon’ ?

  13. where do i get purple bingo post/card?

    • Are you talking about the lottery tickets? You have to make them st the mixing table.

    • Purple bingo post : i get from supreme dragon/wind whisperer but very rare appereance
      Green bingo post : crops, but random & rare
      Blue bingo post : tree which only can buy with chrystal (valentine oak/tree of ten lockets/tree of heart/fire tree), but still random & rare

    • You will get them from your dragons or animals

  14. Anyone know how to get nails? Or how to revive wiry flowers if they wilt? mine won’t let me do anything with them.

  15. Hey! I’ve been searching everywhere and I can’t find the Specials tab in the game to get Bolognese the bear. Can you maybe help? Thanks from South Africa!

    • Spc tab is appear at the right corner of the screen. Some spc item u can buy wid crystal. But some of them u have to buy it with real money.

    • Good Wi-Fi is very helpful for specials to pop up. Comes up on top right corner of screen may take a while even with excellent internet

  16. you get the magic water from the sea horse, it will be given to you as a gift when you complete a quest

  17. i need to feed the chocolate cow for some chocolate milk but i dont know what to feed it, the plant doent fully appear. im stuck. whenever i have to feed animals the plant doesn’t fully appear on the screen so its a bit difficult to know what to feed them

  18. I love to play fairy farm!!! but I stuck in magic water… where can I find tht!?? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    • i need to feed the chocolate cow for some chocolate milk but i dont know what to feed it, the plant doent fully appear. im stuck. whenever i have to feed animals the plant doesn’t fully appear on the screen so its a bit difficult to know what to feed them

  19. How can I get wisdom flower? Thx

  20. How do i get musical coins and purple and green tickets?

    • Musical coin : note bush (crops)
      Purple bingo post : i get from supreme dragon/wind whisperer but very rare appereance
      Green bingo post : crops, but random & rare
      Blue bingo post : tree which only can buy with chrystal (valentine oak/tree of ten lockets/tree of heart/fire tree), but still random & rare

  21. How can i broken the spell from princess Annette?

  22. How do you get magic water?

  23. where do I get a ” green token ” ?

  24. Where do you get the chocolate milk and zombie flowers.?

    • Okay, so complete all the pink box quests related to lemon pies or the coffee marquee for the chocolate cow. After baking the 3 lemon pies quest, you’ll get the cow. Cow gives chocolate milk. As for the zombie flowers, they are seasonal and you need to wait until Halloween ๐Ÿ˜ฆ they are a seasonal item. Someone else recommended emailing the fairy farm support team, and they might send you the zombie arms.

  25. How can I know what is my ID

  26. And chocolate milk? Thx

    • From the brown cow, from what I’ve read. I’m still looking for the cow, so good luck!

      • I JUST GOT THE CHOCOLATE COW! Ok, heres how: there are several quests that lead up to the cow. Make sure you work on the “pink” quest boxes. They usually entail you making lemon pies with Coffee Marquee. Once you have made the “3 lemon pies” quest, you will receive the chocolate cow as a reward. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Does anyone know where I can find magic water? I’m trying to make magic dough. Thx

  28. Can u plz tell me frm where i can get chinese tokens….help me nd thnx fr the previous reply๐Ÿ˜Š

    • You have to plant the red, blue, and yellow wonderbox flowers. When you harvest them, some but not all of the flowers will give you parts of the Chest of Nationalities, which then you transmute when you have enough of the required pieces of the chest. Then you open the chest in your storage bin under the little wooden chest symbol and it will show you the chest of nationalities. Click open and it will give you one of the tokens at random that each little national lamb from the Dreamcircle requires in order to attain them.

  29. Hey plz help u wrote there zombie’s arm for zombie plant but where can i find zombie’s arm?

    Plzzz help!

  30. Has anyone found a source of snow flakes (or “ice free flowers”) other than the Snowflake Bush? I don’t want to spend gems on this quest if I don’t have to! (I’m trying to make the “Essence Returning Potion” using the laboratory.)

  31. Where do we get crystal shards?

  32. where to find princess alejandra, anyone please help

  33. where to get zombie hand & zombie flower from. I don’t find any zombie hand in plants tab. plz help

  34. Is there any type of list that shows all animals that are from Fairy Farm?

  35. Does anyone know how to find musical coins?

  36. Wer can i find a golden duck? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    And pls help me wer can i find jack’s chest ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  37. How about the magic water pls

  38. How do I get magic dough? This is driving me insane

  39. From where do I get first and second prehistoric tokens and sand of time?

    • for first and second token, you create in mixing ice-free bud + poppy + wire; and mix in a mixer, i am forgot, when i got the mixer, it will create door to the past.
      and automatically you can find in ur storage. and jut open the “door of past”, and you will get it.

  40. I’m having trouble findin the hellcat, and jacks chest!! Could someone tell me urgently

    • I found mine in the exclusive thing on the right side of the game got 8 different animals for 2 crystals. I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

  41. I’m on the quest “Dragon Elements”.. Would any one tell step by step what I have to do in 2nd one “Primary Element” Get the First water element to summon the water wizard by using recipe of the Youngest Dragon in the Alter of Wishes.”

  42. Very much helpful post. Often I check this list if I need any help. I think fairy farm is the cutest game on the internet ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  43. How do you fix the stupid time machine

  44. how do i fix the love compass?help!!!!!

  45. Where do I get the spring tree it is not in storage

  46. I have several questions I hope u don’t mind I’ve asked several people including fairy farm. The updates that came out which has all the new animals like the sphinx, Llama with head on each end, pan, etc., I can’t get that update to download what can I do I’ve got to get that update..maybe if there was a way to copy my game so you or someone can see, I don’t know what to do please please help me get that update downloaded..Allesi

  47. Where do I find prehistoric crystals?


  49. how can get the Prince Richard’s gratitude letter? its one of my quest. and where can i find the “fairy’s box” for mother fairy?

  50. How do I get the magic harp??

  51. There is a quest that wants me to Enlist support of Prince Richard, how can that be done?

  52. how do i do enlist the knight quest?

  53. Is there a way to buy the laboratory without spent 200 crystals???

  54. Where do I find the Mars Flower and The Saturn Flower Pls Help?

  55. I’m trying to complete the Hamster stuff, but can’t find the purple fur and candy to set the radar. There was a goal with a bunny that said to put it out, but I couldn’t find the bunny. Now it says to put something else out and to use radar. I’m also looking for the silver buckle to make the St. Patty’s Day friends.

  56. When do you plan to update item list? There are so many new items that it is unclear where to purchase or gather. I am currently trying to conjure Sir Hamster and there are no hints on where to find the items other than Santa’s Sleigh. Present for Papa is one I can’t locate.

  57. How to solve the quest about the numberplants to decypher?

  58. how do I find the lucky pennies to make stuff

  59. Wondering where to find Princess Alejandra also?

  60. How do I get princess alejandra


  62. I have been no idea how to get the tokens. I need Chinese tokens can you help me please.?

  63. Hi, so I’m fairly new to this game and idk what to do anymore all I do is feed my animals and plant flowers I know theirs more to the game please help

    • Goodday with what do you struggle??? I would like to help you

      • I can’t find the lover’s limousine or cupid’s target anywhere in the shop ! I need them to complete a quest to get princess Annette. Please help ? I would be very grateful. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I can’t find the lover’s limousine or cupid’s target anywhere in the shop ! I need them to complete a quest to get princess Annette. Please help ? I would be very grateful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. How do you get gingerbread man

    • Just visit a neighborhood/or friend, a box should pop-up instantly showing a few items you’ll receive, one may be a gingerbread man.

  65. How do i get rid of the footprints?? Help me:'((

  66. How do you take out animal footprits? Its all over the place

  67. I have these mysterious footprints multiplying on my farm. Where do they come from & how do I get rid of them?

  68. How do I get rid of the animal foot prints??

  69. Where do I find the masquerade chest?

  70. How do we get the stuff to grow the penguin & raccoon into detectives? I posted on the fb page & no one commented. HELP!

  71. There have been many new items added to fairy farm. Keep waiting for you to update ‘where to get items’ list. I would like to know where to go or what to plant to obtain intelligence needles. Thanks for all of your help. I regularly refer to your site for help.

  72. having trouble with the game on facebook. cant seem to add friends or answer their request for the game. help! how do you get a lucky penny?

  73. where can i get the water wizard ? or the totem chest ?

  74. I am on the quest โ€œspecial totemโ€ an it says to find the water wizard in the Totem Chest and place it on your farm. But I donโ€™t know where the totem chest is! Newbie need help ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Where do I find the water wizard totem chest I already did the tree and got the advice

  76. I find your blog very helpful… But now I’m wondering, aren’t you playing the fairy farm game anymore? Bcoz you don’t update anymore and neither answers guests comments too. Which is really really sad.

  77. Does anyone know how to get snowball please? Xhx

  78. How do I SEND the kings package? I click on the mail box and I only get the mixing option.

  79. Does anyone know where I can get snowballs?

  80. Where can I find the princess

  81. Which animal gives black fire? Thanks.

  82. Where can I find a gold horned goat

  83. Where can I find the blue goat?

  84. im trying to find the summer chest for the surfer kitten and am stuck any hints?

  85. What level will I get the quest for the hunter’s amulet? I need it to cast a spell in the dream circle for the Spring Tree.

  86. Where can I find the farmer’s chest?

  87. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    I had seen players with fairies on their farms how do you get them ?

  88. How do I summon green diamond turtle? I have a gold horned goat and got a crystal from mother diamond turtle already.

    • you must buy a circle called signs of the ancestors in your shop. Thenyou need to collect all the things that it says to get the green turtle. The blue goat only gives gold dust every once in awhile and you need to collect 20 gold dust from them. You also need other things to finally mix to make the green turtle. It will take forever. That’s the way this game works. They make you either wait for months to collect enough of something or buy it from them.

  89. where to find sweet bunny inside sugar chest…. what is dis sugar chest ????

  90. Where do I get the blond hair prince?

  91. How do i get the gold dust?

  92. I need help findin the Sugar chest can anyone help.

  93. Where can I get a forrest spirit

    • I wrote fairy farm and asked him the same question. they said the forest spirit will be available next week. I hope they are right.

  94. Where do I find casket flowers

    • you buy casket flowers under the special offers tab. Then you have to find the casket flowers in your storage. It will be at the very end before the trees that you have stored. Click on it then click on a plot or a pot to grow them. You will either get coins, in other casket flower to grow again, or possibly some gems. Most casket flowers can be grown 2 or 3 times. Just keep going back to find it in your storage at the end of the list.

  95. Where can i find druid?

  96. Where do I find/buy the spring tree?

    • You get the spring tree when you do the quest for it. It won’t grow though until you finish the next spring tree quest so don’t panic when it sits on your farm for a while as only a little twig ish looking plant.


  98. Where can i get a rainbow egg? Whwre can i find the portal to dragon dwellings? I cannot finish the quest because i don’t know where to mix the ingredients. Pls. Help me


  100. I literally just started so forgive me for asking stupid Qs. I have a quest that says Funny Scarecrow & it asks that I ask the grow abouty about the scarecrow but I can’t seem to find either. Planted & harvested dragon tulips as they asked but no crows or scarecrows. Help please? Thank you

    • The crow is in the animals tab. OR they might have given one to you in your storage. You tap it to harvest it and that’s talking to it.

  101. One of my first quests says to get six rye seeds but every time I plant rye I just get sprouts, help!

  102. How do I get a cup of coffee?

  103. What animals have you all gotten from the Magic Egg? So far, I have the Rainbow Dragon, Heavenly Tiger, Minstrel, Parrot, Royal Polecat. Has anyone gotten anything else?

    • Where will i get the rainbow egg? And where is the portal to dragon dwelling? I cannot finish the quest because i don’t where to mix the ingredients. Pls. Help me.

  104. You have to wait till he has ate the 1000 crystals in order for him to grow up its cheaper to pay the 20 crystals to move forward

  105. I’m stuck on the black dragon quest. It says, “he’s young and inexperienced. Let’s try to teach him a few things.” Does anyone know what to do?

  106. rattiturcira

  107. Help I’m stuck on trying to feed the dragon queen and ideas what I do?

    • The key is , you need to prepare the “potion of absolute good” under cupboard… then there the wicked red queen dtagon turns to pink…


  109. Hi,
    I consider you the definitive expert on all things Fairy Farm, so maybe you can help me. I have come quite a ways in the game (level 40) but have not yet been offered the quest to get Princesse Annette.
    Any hints?
    Thanks in advance.

  110. Please help i am so stuck, How do you use magic on the queen to feed her gathered sweets, can’t figure it out, thanks. Ooh thus is on Valentines quest

  111. I need some friends. If you are on Facebook find me under Leah Brown Blanchard and send me a friend request. ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. HELP!!! I am having trouble with the bottled ship quest. I’ve moved flowerbeds I’ve put them into storage but nothing is registering. What am I doing wrong?

  113. I have the black dragon he’s 1000 gems I used my gems all up because he was so cool but then every time I tap on him when he’s ready he takes two of my gems so any body that saw this comment don’t buy him is there anyone that can stop hin from taking my gems please I really want it to stop????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  114. This is the best game I’ve played in my life

  115. Does any one give out free gems because I need 800 so I can get the flying house is there a yes or no my mom won’t let me buy the gems.I want the150 pack or 800 gems.

  116. How do I get the thing in the corner again because I’ve got got quests for that and I can’t. Do that .Do I wait and see if I finish something because I really want it back to do all of these quests. Do I need something for it or a plant??????????????????????????

  117. hello ๐Ÿ™‚ how can I fly on Magic Carpet?

  118. Has anyone completed the “Guesthouse” quest? I already have an Eastern palace, and I’m not sure I want to spend the crystals on a second one without knowing what the rewards will be! (I don’t know whether this quest was part of the most recent update, or part of where I am in the game…)

    • I got another 1. I think the rewards on that 1 and future quests make up for it. Just my opinion. A couple of the next quests give 30 crystals & 15 crystals.

    • Did you put your palace into storage and the put it back out sometimes it world instead of buying again i do this with trees to say if it says buy five pine trees i put mine base in storage then rage them back out and it registers like i just brought them

  119. Fairy farm!(x10)

  120. I think you have the plants for spark of love and spark of passion backward. I have planted no lovemelovemenots, but several kissberries, and so far I have acquired 14 sparks of love. I did plant lmlmns today and will be harvesting later; I will come back and let you know if that gives me spark of passion and then we will know for sure.

    Thank you for this list BTW. Being the OCD that I am, I purchased the majority of the mixing buildings/objects, and then made a spreadsheet of how many I need total of each ingredient to be able to complete every single mixture available to me so far, so I can plant exactly what I need. This site definitely helped me determine what those crops are, and start planting them in rotatiins so I am harvesting every couple of hours during the day, to avoid running out of energy.

    Yes, I know, sad lol. But my 3 year old is only so much of a conversationalist!

  121. Where can I get the blue, orange and pearly paints for my quest at Fairy Farm. Please help..

  122. where i can find Laughing Tree?

  123. How fo I get blue orange and pearl paint it says come here???

  124. I recently updated my Fairy Farm game 1/15/14, and as I was scrolling through storage, I noticed a Christmas tree in there. I have no idea where it came from, as I not purchase it with crystals or coins, and neither did I earn it from a complete quest. I placed it on my farm out of curiosity to see what it do/look like/bring to harvest. The problem is, I try to harvest it, and it will not allow me to complete this action, even though my energy is fully restored. It won’t let me move it to storage, and it’s just sitting there taking up space. If anyone knows what’s going on, and can help me out, please reply. Thank you in advance.

  125. Where do I get the laughing tree :(:(:(

  126. I can’t figure out how to water the laughing tree? It says ready but I can’t grow it.

  127. Hi I need pearls and I keep reading about this pearl garden, what in the world is this and where can I get one? Please help me if u can I would reall th appreciate it.

    Thank You,

    • Plant pearl garden to get pearls you don’t always get one when you harvest which is annoying as some quests ask you for heaps of pearls

  128. Pls help me find steel ingots ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  129. You need to update your list ๐Ÿ˜€ theres a whole lot more items now

  130. I dnt have facebook and dnt plan on getting one so this is wher ill post my spells and u have 12 hours starting nw. So help me its one of my quests


  131. I have the lemur and zebra and can’t feed them. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • Where is the lemure smuggling box?

      • first you need to buy the crystal of Attraction in your shop under the cauldron sign.and put it on your farm. Then you need to grow the flowers and plants so you can make the key to open the boxes to rescue the animals. Then you need to grow different plants or flowers to makethe curing treat. Each time you want her you have to have one curing treat. It takes a long time to feed an animal to maturity. Good luck

  132. Where do you get the fizzy drink to toast the snowmen.

  133. How do you get the laughing tree

  134. Crystal shards can be collected from the crystal of attraction, found in decorations. Part of the 2013 Christmas update.

  135. How do I get the royal Christmas tree to work? I tap on the tree when the arrow is on top and it tell me it’s ready but nothing. The arrow still on top of the tree. Please help me on this. Thank you.

  136. PLEASE HELP!!!”Could not generate a magic word.Might be a problem with magic ministry’s server”.

  137. Hello,
    I really like this game but I cant understand a lot of things. I am only at 20 level and I can not understand where to find these fortune cookies (I dont have crystals for fortune tree).The other thing is that I am playing on my mac, not mobile, so how I can share in FB and get reward?

  138. tumantteconera

  139. Does the minstrel do anything for your farm?

  140. I just got the Octopus Girl from the pink specials box but I can’t seem to put it on my farm, even after restarting the game. Does anyone else have one?

    I was also wondering what people were getting from the blue box and if anyone knows all eight animals in there?

  141. Where can i get the pumpkin tree?

  142. Hi everyone! I need opinion about Winged Senior quest. Do I need to spend around 100 crystal on each unicorn to train them fly or just ignored it as Tame Dragon quest?

    • I have the same question. Is there a crystal reward to completing the Winged Senior quest, or are we out 100 crystals for each winged unicorn we create? What’s the net cost of winged unicorns?

  143. Fortune cookie:

  144. Where is the fancy dog located? I looked with the indian panda family & cowboy cat but all I’m getting is duplicates of panda family n cat. I don’t want to waste anymore crtystals if, he’s somewhere else. Please help.. looking forward to your reply. Thank you & have a great day…

  145. Hi there, how do I use the Strawberry Jam that I’ve made, I try to click on it in the chest but it does nothing?

  146. i’m doing quest “emergency” how can i get crystal flower? i click on “complete” button and it lead me to fable kingdom fanpage. i hav download and play fable kingdom but still can’t receive crystal flower to plant

  147. Hello, I love your posts about Fairy Farm, and I love that you are still active! But I have a question, the quest Tame the Dragon where you have to spend 1000 crystals, what’s the reward? 1000 for a non-buyer is a lot.. Thank you!

    • It’s a waste of crystals and effort! You’ll just get a dragon that you have to feed 2 crystals everytime which in turn will give you energy… I think 2 energies. Whou would want to waste their crystals just for energy? Ther are lot of other ways to get energy without spending your crystals! I am so disappointed with that quest because I thought finally they are giving a FREE DRAGON that gives FREE CRYSTALS everyday but alas! That is what I got, for 1,000 crystals!

    • As Cutie said, you get the Black Dragon. But I don’t think there’s any need for you to rush it. As you progress in the game, you’ll spend crystals anyway. Just let it complete itself naturally. I mean, don’t spend crystals unnecessarily just for the quest.

      The black dragon doesnt give crystals. It eats them.

  148. blue coupons,, green coupons,,red coupons…where do you get these? the facebook page?

  149. I can’t find the first smuggling box ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i need HELP

  150. There’s a new achievement called “get the celebration king”… Where can I get it?

  151. Has anyone gotten the casket flowers? Is there quest after that one? Also where do I find the windmill?

  152. How do I get Casket Flowers.
    How do you get Casket Flowers

  153. where do you find the “magic post” at?

  154. can you tell me what are Expert and Master traveler quest are? It says requirements are hidden.

  155. Where is the specials tab

  156. Hi. Very new to the game, its wanting me to rescue a lemur from a box. Do I find a box somewhere, will it just appear, so I buy it? So confused, I have the key. Just no box. Help please!

  157. What does Enchanted Plum give? Is there something special about this plant?

  158. Fortune cookie:


  159. Hi there. Where do I find the Smugglers’ Boxes? I have everything else, but no boxes. Thank you in advance.

  160. Can you help me find the box of toys.. they said i can find it in special tab.. where was the special tab place is? help plz!!!

  161. On Facebook there is a group page just for the mobile Fairy Farm game. It’s called Fairy Farm Mobile every week they add a spell for everyone as a gift and they have a place just for spells just like you have said before. I suggest if you want to make it easier on yourself to find spells you check it out you would first have to be accepted into the group though. I just wanted to let you know about that. Good luck with your Fairy Farming. ๐Ÿ˜€

  162. Hello Everyone!
    Does anyone remember the quest “The Ceremony” trying to marry Annette to Richard? My mom’s there and I can’t remember much. The part of the quest is: “Path to altar” putting annette near the altar. Not able to find good spot.
    Thank you so much!

  163. Anyone else having a problem with resgued animals? I can’t ‘collect’ them, my lemur says ‘Ready’ but doesn’t do anything. And one of my sloths (rest are in storage, get them 4 and not hippo, aaarrgghhhh) are “un-choosable” like I can see it but I can’t touch it..

  164. how do you get the candy? it says to go to the facebook page but i did but theres no way in telling how to get it. do i just say, yooo gimme candy??? or is there a certain way to do this??

    • You get the Halloween candy by visiting Your neighbors. After it adds ups u go to ur purchased cauldron from ur ig item store and look in it and voila u can get 2 things if memory serves me. A candy filled pumpkin and something else im saving for I cant recall atm. Visit ur friends, it will be mixed in with the gifts u receive from them dear.

    • Like Monica Sand said, you can get the candies by visiting your friends. Make sure to visit those friends with the gift icon next to their names.

      It says you can visit the Fairy Farm page because once in a while, the page gives magic words that give you candies.

  165. I dont see a crystal flower in my plant tab. I am at level 48. Is there any specific level I have to reach to get the plant?

  166. Thanks for making this list. I have come back to it a few times.

  167. Hello,
    Please can you tell me two things?
    1. How do I use the key fairy farm gave me and 2. How of I travel off the farm?
    Any help would be welcomed.

    • the key goes to the animal boxes that you “rescued” you just click on a box.
      traveling off the farm im not sure. i think you just zoom out. but im assuming you can get neighbors somehow on the game but im not sure

    • Hi Jackie!
      If you meen leaving your farm to visit your friends’ farm, you’ll have to:
      1. click the GLOBE at the lower right corner of your screen.
      2. make sure you’re on the FRIENDS tab, the one with the hands icon.
      3. if you’re not yet logged in to Facebook, click that box that asks you to log in.
      4. once you’re logged in, you’ll see all your facebook contacts who are playing fairy farm. click on a user to visit his/her farm. if you still don’t have friends, better start adding some! visit the Fairy Farm mobile community on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

  168. Can anyone tell me what the Game Garden Tree or the Hell Trio give out or how often?

  169. Hey all,
    I’ve bought several of the rescued animal boxes, including the one labeled “1.” But I can’t find the rescued lemur! I keep getting other animals and therefore can’t fulfill the quest. Is it random chance whether you get the lemur, or is there something else I need to do?

    • it is random chance. i got it my first. but the second quest says to rescue the hippo which i have not and ive bought the second box twice now

  170. I got the crane feather by using crystals in the genie game. Anyone know how to get the crown?? I bought the clay because I couldn’t find that either.

  171. hi, how to decypher the number plant? Can you help me and explain how to complete that task.. I’ve tried everything to fine that..

    • I don’t remember that quest much. Have you tried planting and harvesting number plants? There’s also the wizard’s table that makes use of arithmetic operations (produced by number plants).

  172. where do I find the box with the lemur in it I have the key and the treat but cant find the box

    • on the left side of the game screen it has special offers, when you click the arrow the picture moves, there are i beleive five boxes. you want the box that says “1” on the crate. you will need i think 35 crystals in order to buy it. but in order to open it you need a key which you have to make in the crystal of attraction which you can buy for 10000 coins. but you will need to plant cup flower to get water droplets, scarlet flower to get the dust and the transmutting flower to get the powder to make the key. once u open the box with that, you need to make a curing treat which is also found in the crystal which you will need to plant the carmel flower, the vanila plant, and the cranberry plant inorder to make

  173. where can i find the african chest?!i need to find DJ the crocodile??? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  174. Hi, firstly thank you for ALL your amazing help! I have a question to ask regarding the rescued lemur and other saved animals. I need the crystal of attraction but have no idea where or what that is? Any ideas? Thank you so much! X

  175. where do I find the masquerade box for the bridesmaid cat ?

    • look to the left of the game screen, there is a special offers icon, if you click the arrow pointed downwards it changes the picture. it should be in there. but be careful cuz these offers dnt last long

  176. I have been playing for over a year now. I have had to restart due to phone Crashing. I have to never been able to add/make friends or visit other farms. PleaseHelp:)

  177. Hi, the third message in the bottle gives me the same magical word. And i received the reward only for first of them,though other two were also casted. Has it smth to do with casting all 3 within 2 days.? Or is it smth els?

    • I think so. It takes 2 days before you get to cast a new bottle spell. Next time, you can try to observe if the number of your available bottles have changed. Usually, when they cast the same spell, the number of bottles remains the same.

  178. I love this site, but I’m wondering where to get the parts for making the Crane. Anyone know?

  179. in the laboratory where you make spells you need linen sacks where do you find linen sacks

  180. is the dark dragon can give crystals ??

  181. i need help, are the Family of Leprechauns available in Special Offers???? ‘coz i really need it for my quest….

  182. Where can i get sourceres carriage?

  183. What does the Potion of Strength do? Is it for a quest or can it increase your energy capacity?

  184. Darling u r so wonderful…..n thank u very so much for ur help….we really love ur job…….god bless u dear

  185. Help!!! I’m stuck on the phantom ghost quest about the Kitty seeing a ghost I don’t know what to do to the Kitty. Also where cab I get emeralds at? Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  186. I got a Rainbow Dragon and now I am trying to find the pink and blue dragon that makes a couple with it. Does it also come randomly from a Rainbow Egg or can I buy it somewhere?

    • How did you get a rainbow dragon?

      • From the rainbow egg.

        To get a rainbow egg, you must have:
        – 1 dragon cave
        – 100 gold ingots
        – 100 pearls (plant lots of pearl gardens. not every plant gives a pearl.)
        – 15 dragon scales

        Make a rainbow egg using the dragon cave device.
        Plant the egg like an ordinary plant, wait for it to grow, then harvest it.
        The egg gives random animals, so you might need several tries before getting a rainbow dragon. I got 2 rainbow dragons after lots of hard work, so don’t give up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wait for it to be available in special offers. You will have to buy it with real cash.

  187. love th game

  188. How do you get closed buds?

  189. What gives rainbow palm? Do it anyone know ?

  190. Where can i get gremlin dad and the others ?
    Where can i get princess annete?
    Pls anwer me !!!!!

    • I need to know how to get princess Annette too. In the alter I believe it is it says princess Annette plus the elements ball makes princess Annette??

      Does anyone know how to get the transformation potion for the unicorns?? That not on this list either :-/

      Love this list though, big help and I printed it lol so thank you.

      • You can get princess annette by following the quest. you can also revive her if you keep finishing the quests.

        You can make the transformation potion using the celestial academy. I added it to the list.

        • @riswords, I finished the quest to get princess Annette. Then I place her next to Robin at the altar, then I feed her eight times but she never change to an adult Annette. With that not working I can’t fix the ribbon on her dress. Can you please help me. I don’t know what else to do. I been trying to solve this problem for over four months.

    • They are available in the special offers box that comes up in the top left corner. If they aren’t there anymore, maybe you have to wait for them to come back.

    • The gremlins occasionally become available in special offers.
      You can get princess annette by following the quest. you can also revive her if you keep finishing the quests.

  191. how do i get gremlin dad? can’t find the mystery box in my farm somebody help

  192. Where do I get the empty gift box??? Please help!!!

  193. How do I get princess Annette ?

  194. How do I get a keeper dragon please?

  195. I’m sorry, I have already asked that question in your another post, but received no answer.
    So I’ll repeat it here

    Does it matter when to cast the spell? I mean somehow I never see posts with magic words on FFMC page. I really donโ€™t want to anger the community and administration

    • I don’t quite understand your problem. >_<
      As for casting the spells, you'd have to be fast because there is only a limited number of players who can cast a spell shared on the FB page, and there are many players competing. A lot of them are quite fast.
      As for the magic words, try to check the comments to FFMC's posts.

    • NA you see the posted picture go to comments and add ur spell. And can cast others

  196. how many level does this fairy farm have????

  197. help me for these quest “Emergency” wherein i’ll buy a knights horse it cost too much crystal… other option please????

  198. please I got my Rainbow egg, planted it then harvested but…then it happened nothing….what have I to do? I looked in my inventory but found nothing.

    • You probably just missed it. When you harvest the egg, an animal “jumps out” of it like when you harvest a plant and the “fruit” comes out. Then it goes straight to the storage. The rainbow egg gives random animals. It’s really hard to get a rainbow dragon out of it. Took me soooooo many tries. ๐Ÿ˜€

  199. Hey please help me… how can i restore my previous level??i uninstalled it coZ its not working after an update..and i instal it again..i dnt knw how to retrieve my previous level…:-(

    • Play it for for a couple of minutes, an option will pop (restore your previous or start a new one) that is if you are using same accnt…
      done it with my android phone

  200. Can you please make a list of what decorations give out items, xp, coins etc. I only have limited space on my farm and don’t want to leave everything out but I don’t want to put away useful decorations either.

    Also, I was wondering about pairing animals. I know you can get extra items from putting the pink and blue sheep right next to each other but do you get anything extra from adding the black sheep?

    • I didn’t get the black sheep so I don’t know about that.

      As for the decorations, I’m sorry but that would be pretty difficult, as there are so many decorations and they sometimes give out items/coins/XP randomly. However, you can check out the list above, as most of those on the 3rd column are objects that give out important items. Decorations are usually labeled as OTHERS (see 2nd column). Similarly, animals, trees, plants, etc. that give special items/ingredients are also labeled as such.

  201. Where can i find the polar bear??

  202. Quest named ‘Bouquet for the teacher!’. Is it really so that you have to have planted and growing all of the flowers (25 * pionionblooms + 30 purple orchids + 35 rainbow camomiles = 90 flowers) at the same time? Mine doesn’t count those which I harvested..

    • Yes and no. You can plant 25 pinionblooms get the mark for completing then do the others the same way … you don’t need all 90 at the same time

  203. I need to know where to find prince peguses.? I mean its mentioned that we can find it in pony boxes but I couldn’t find them out. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  204. Im stuck in reading the accient portfolio ive done everything i have everything just dont no how to read it

  205. what does pollen of the fairy do

  206. What does the black dragon give?

  207. How do I save the princes the 2 please help

  208. How do I get Dragon’s Scale? Does it have to be any specific dragon?

  209. How do I get moon flowers?

  210. The pair consisting of a Beautiful Penguin and a Happy Jenny Penguin also gives you a Lucky Clover. Not always, but very often

  211. How to get pearls??

  212. Hi i am in urgent need of help! Where do i get the American chest for the Texas Quest?

  213. Please help. What is a pinion bloom?

  214. How do I save the 3 prince’s?

  215. where will i get the magic flame, my quest is to help the fable kingdom, wherein i will melt the steel ingots??? by the way where will i get the steel ingots?? reply please……….

  216. where will i get the magic flame for my quest, wherein i will melt the silver ingot????

  217. How to find African chest???

  218. how to get moon flower and sun flower on sale

  219. how to get polar bear?

  220. guys !!! i am struggling with the To the Drumming Quest where i need to get the “DJ” (looks like a green crocodile). It says its in the African Chest.. Where can I find the African Chest?

    • the chest has expire. wait till it comes back again. it will appear on the topmost left side of the screen when you are online

  221. hi,, how do i complete the mission of robin’s orchestra?

  222. Undying branch -> I can’t find spring tree, where is it?
    And other.. When visiting a friend, how should I get something. Everywhere it just says that no more presents..??

  223. Fortune cookie spell – IUQUEERUIIS

  224. The crystal flower is not listed under my plants where do I find it??

  225. Where can I bought magic flame???

  226. how to send spell to another wizard ???

  227. Hi now I try to pass the quest the ceremony
    I could pass the happy groom
    but I can not pass other two 1 apart to the altar 2 wedding dress
    please anyone help me

  228. Trying to get a crystal flower?? Says its a plant but not in my menu.. HELP PLEASE…

  229. How do you get the magic flame and lush oak?

  230. Dose any1 no the customer service email bcuz me game restored its self to a preivious save an I dont have my animals anymore. Thanks.

  231. Carriage of love. ..how can I place it on my property? How do you get princess anette?

  232. I can not place the carriage of love on my property. ..??? Also, how do you get princess anette?

  233. How to find African chest

  234. How to get steel ingots

  235. I couldn’t find the magic flame in the decoration tab…. Pls help

  236. Hi! What’s with King, Queen and Smith’s packages? Are they openable just like cookie, bottle and bud? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜•

  237. Where can I get princess Annette?do I need to complete a quest to get her?

  238. I could not find magic flame in decorations

  239. Where can i get the magic flame?

  240. I’m just wondering, if I UNINSTALL the and INSTALL the app again, will the data be recovered or will it be totally cleared?..

  241. pls tell me how to get energy spirit and closed bud

  242. How to to glade with butterfly

  243. Hi! Do you know how to get the Knight’s Horse?

  244. What does the packages do?

  245. I have the same problem. I already double-checked. There ain’t Tam Tams in the Decor Tab/Shop. I’ve already updated my app..

    • I just bought the TamTams they are in the decorations between the sandcastle and the deckchair.

      • I just figured out that SandCastle and DeckChair were already removed from the Decors Tab. But I already bought them before and put it in the Storage. I’m using iPhone but I have an Android phone too. And YES! The TAM TAMS are there in the Decors Tab.. ๐Ÿ™€

    • Ok this is for the MODERATOR & EVERYONE ELSE :).
      Tam Tams (the drums) needed for a quest) do not show up on all phones! Even with the new Russian update they are NOT there for everyone. I have an android phone…and have them. My sister who is a long time player (I’m new ) does not, did not, never did, even contacted custom support for her Apple phone …… though we are mobile to mobile..their are slight differences with what your carrier allows has ect. Please …let people know…they might not have an item…like tam tams….instead of..”its under ur deco tab”..cause its not….
      Ty for all ur amazing work:)

  246. Where do you get magic flame I’ve looked through all on my store and can’t find it

  247. i want more crystals buy 8 guest what can i do

  248. I have a prexisting account and fairy farm will not let me play it

  249. Any other source for getting cookies aside from those that uve mentioned??? Any other plants?? Animals maybe??

  250. Hi! I’m looking for the Tam Tams for the To Drumming quest. Can you please point me in the right direction? ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. What does the FfMc FB spell mean for the pearly paints?

  252. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this blog. I really hope to view the same high-grade blog posts from you later on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own, personal website now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  253. What does the bald eagle give you?

    • So far, I’ve only gotten coins and experience. I will pay attention next time and give exact amounts.

    • I calculated it out my eagle only gave me about 200 coins.. and very little xp.. so for now he is sitting in storage.. hope that helps

  254. Love all the info! I just started myself, made it to level 20. IM looking for magic sand. Above you have it under others? What does that mean? Friends? I know I can but it but would like.to.save.the.crystals for.things I can’t get otherwise. So where is the wood pond?

    Also, anyone is welcome to add me as a friend.for.purposes of this game.



  255. How do I complete the kings request? It’s the quest where you have to save the three princes I saved the first two but can’t figure out how to get prince Leonard

  256. how i can create bouquet for a fairy. i already collected 13pcs of honey flower and 5 pcs spectral leaves. thanks

  257. If you need to level up semi fast plant lots hops I don’t think they die and you get alot more experience points than other plants

  258. hi i wrote earlier too but cant see my post i am stuck in the ancient recipe quest for ages…the part where u have to decipher the recipe with diff numberplants…i have been harvesting since han but nothin plz help u are our angel

  259. hi….sorry to bother u again i am stuck in a quest for ages where u get the ancient recipe…i am planting number plants but it wont be complted….where it says decode the recipe

    • Not sure if I understood your question right… But you can try this:

      Get the wizard’s table (device), put it on your farm, open it and conjure the ANCIENT RECIPE.

      • Hi how can i get steel ingots? I just got the tree in which i can get gold ingots… Now i badly need the steel ingot… i’m on my level 45. please help… by the way, here’s my email add,… please please… tnx

  260. What do i do with the spring tree it doesnt seem to want to grow or do anything.

    • Wait and just go on with the quest. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the end, you will be asked to revive it with the Reviving Spell, and it will start to grow and give Undying Branch.

  261. Hi there. I cant or dont know how to create these blue, orange etc paint . Please can someone help me xx

  262. Hello, I m new 2 tis game, n I got so addictd 2 it…. n m playn level 40 nw bt I got only 2 crystals, I. Wan 2 knw, wat r five items artifact devices dat I need 2 buy 4rm da shop.

    • Actually, as you go through the game, you will have to buy pretty much all the devices. I would suggest that you just buy the devices when you need them, like when the quest asks for it.

  263. Hey can you make a list about what all the different houses give you… I just got the druid tree house from a spell or can you tell me what it does?

    • Hmmm… I haven’t got that list. Ok I’ll try to make one ๐Ÿ™‚
      It’s just that some houses give out different items in different times :O

    • i also have the druid tree house and it’s giving out 10 points every 24 hours..the witch mansion gives out 30 points everyday.. and the witch castle gives out ramdom things every 5 days..

  264. I actually got two more turtle diamonds from the genie the other day! I was surprised but one more to go and I can make that pot! Lol

  265. You halp me very much,thank youuuu ๐Ÿ™‚

  266. Hi,there is Arcane Laboratory in the sale box,is it like the Laboratory in the shop or is only one of Vases?

  267. Please cast the spells: ISTUERIERERA and RIQUESICONAM

    NEed to earn crystals:)

    • Hello, if you really want your spells to be cast fast, you must share them on the Fairy Farm Mobile Community Facebook Page. Players cast the spells in seconds. Just wait for somebody to like your post, or just wait a minute or 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  268. Hello there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you
    knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment
    form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having
    trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!

  269. Can sumbodii please help me find the masquerade box

  270. fairy farm twitter…cant cast spells there… tsk tsk.

  271. Cookie: CIIAMLITATERA

  272. how to have neighbors here?

  273. How can I get rosebuds for spells?

  274. Loving the game but this last update keeps chucking me off is Anyone else having this problem

  275. how will the spring tree grow? I get that as a gift but i dont know how grow that tree..

  276. How do u get princess Annette?

  277. Where do I find the farmers chest plz

    • farmers chest appears as mystery offer box, it is occasional. but dont worry, they usually repeat the same offers in some time frequency.

  278. Please help me.. I need wood harvest and steal smelting. With why i can find him?

  279. i am looking for hunter amulet, and patrics gold Chest

  280. Prince Richard quest is after you finish the other quest. Just complete the quest and maybe you have this. I’m level 22 and i have prince richard.

  281. where can I find the masquerade box please?

  282. i got quest which stated Boy Hyena, armadillo and and fiery salamander..where can i get all these animals? TQ

  283. cookie anurtiibutum

  284. I can’t find the crystal flower under plants please help

    • you should cast spell RUMISPERIS. tried three days ago, and still worked. hope it works for you too!

      • i need help… how can i get the crystal flower? ive tried the RUMISPERIS spell but i think its expired already so it doesnt work for me… pls help.. thanks

        • Repost: As of the update with the Merchant’s Gift, the crystal plant hasn’t returned to the shop. The only way you can get it now is by buying it with crystals. Last I checked, it’s worth 5 crystals, but you only need 1.

  285. what exactly the wizard’s castle reward ada turtle couple is? i really wanna buy the female turtle, curiosity just because x’))). does anyone here already have the turtle diamond couple and wizard’s castle?

  286. It said if u put animals together they create couples does the sheep and ram do that

  287. Where do you find the other half of the peacock couple? I have the blue one.

  288. where can i get the crystal flower, coz i can’t find it at the shop????

    • As of the update with the Merchant’s Gift, the crystal plant hasn’t returned to the shop. The only way you can get it now is by buying it with crystals. Last I checked, it’s worth 5 crystals, but you only need 1.

  289. how can i complete the ANCIENT FOLIO QUEST
    when the spell for restored pages wont work

  290. Bottle: DEUNTITUILIAM

  291. Where can I find the masquerade box?

  292. This is very helpful! Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  293. I don’t understand how to get the blue, pink and orange paints. What does FFMC mean?

    • The piants are under the wizards table I believe and FFMC means fairy farm mobile community find and like it on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚


  295. Petisquioruis
    Thank YOU!

  296. where exactly prince richard quest is? in which level? am already at level 30 but theres no prince quest yet. :'(. Anddd, does wedding cake give us something? or it just an ornament? thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  297. hi, how to get princess ann ette

  298. Bottle: ARISSESIUSTUM

  299. This is a pretty awesome list ! Love it! I could use a little help though. I’m playing the game on my kindle and there seems to be a few things either missing or I just haven’t got there yet. I don’t know what to do! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  300. how do I get the Leo duck, and the mermaid?


  302. Why dis always happen .it keeps my game on crashing and freezing whenever I open the globe icon even i am fully connected with d internet . Its the reason why I cannot cast a spell . .what will I do . I tried 2 restart my pho ne but its still the same? Thank you



  305. So I’m working on this quest that says to make green nectar in the magic cauldron. BUT inside my magic cauldron it doesnt give me the option.Do more options appear as I level up? I am only level 15. Also I am playing this game on my kindle fire. Thanks a lot.

  306. umatquariam-cookie!

  307. Antiamntitum
    Good Day!!

  308. The list above says you can get the green Hector with the magic cauldron but its not there. Any advice?

  309. how do i magic clouds?

  310. where are the family of leprechauns?

  311. wow thanku so much its helps alot,i have a question i play on mobile how can i visit friends?

    • click the globe icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. make sure you go to the FRIENDS tab (first one), and click a friend you’d like to visit. (you will have to log on to FB)

  312. estcumissra- bottle message

  313. How do I get an ancient scroll and restored pages please

  314. TAORULIPROAM-cookie

  315. specific plants to get cork? tnx

  316. May I know ur email addy? Cant find u at fb thx

  317. neurproonra Cookie!

  318. bouquet is in the mailbox, on the last right arrow over.

  319. hiโ™ฅi have been looking for all fairy farm games spicially the first one and winter or cristmas update may you tell me where i can download it for free please? its really important for me

  320. How to get a spectural bouquet? I have spectural leave & honey but dont know how to conbine them…

  321. thank you so much it helps me a lot. Anyway where can I find these Family of Leprechauns and where is this Patrick’s Gold Chest?

  322. Hi there, thank you so much for this!! Its such an awesome game, so hooked, but so far cant find any onr else that plays as much as me. Does anyone know if you can add others that play the game??

    • Hi. U can visit the fairy farm mobile community facebook ever heard? .www.facebook.com/ifairyfarm. U can add lots of people der dat plays the game as much as u do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  323. do u know about pony and pegasus in fairy farm? i have a quest but dont know how to complete

    • they’re in the sale box items, one of those that appear at the upper left corner of your screen. thing is, the box gives random animals. since it gives 8 types of animals, you have 1/8 chance of getting a pony or a pegasus. you might end up spending too many crystals as i did. it’s a matter of luck.

  324. I don’t play much online. Do I have to do spells?

  325. conimerera

  326. guys please add me saivalencia@yahoo.com add me….. to be able me to cast a spell its may honor to be your friend thanks guys

  327. Hello….can anyone do me a favor and cast this spell for me..ORUSRUMTERAM….

    thanks so much…

  328. Need help with massage in the bottle
    Thanks a lot

  329. Hi is there any other way of getting the essance without buying a cat.i dnt have enough gem

  330. Hi can some one please cast a spell for me. IBusiprotais.And iam facebook to so please add me

  331. That was very helpful .thank u. Iam frm s a and its very expensive to buy the gems. So my i have alot of quest undone . For me to buy a .99 gem will cost me 100 rands which is alot of money here. Do u know of any cheats please

  332. How can i get lush oak? Plz Help!

  333. hi can you please help me how can i plant the spring tree and how to add friends?

    • Spring Tree: You will have to finish that series of quests. Towards the end, you will be given the things you need in order to perform the Revival Spell (through the DreamCircle), which will allow you to have the “revived” spring tree that gives the undying branch.

      Adding friends: You will have to add them as Facebook contacts. Once you restart your game, you will find them on your app’s Friends List (provided that you are online). ๐Ÿ™‚

  334. how do u save prince robin and leonard?

  335. Ok, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  336. i ll try to find it it is probably a deviceโ™ฅ

  337. Do you know where to get the colored unicorn signs?

    • Hmmm… I don’t know of colored unicorn signs. But I know there are 4 types of unicorns–there’s black, gold, pink and blue. And there’s a celestial academy, which is a device to make unicorns fly. Unicorns give out UNICORN WOOL when in love.

      Those are all the unicorn-related things I know of. Sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • you purchase them in the celestial academy. i believe they cost you crystals not coins.
      By the way, if you do not train both your unicorns they will not pair up after training!

  338. hi ใ€‚.โ™ฅthere is something about. damaged compass. item in game wich is made of .compass. and .compass lid. i have this two but i dont know how i can mix them to make damaged compass?

  339. tank u so muchโ™ฅ

  340. why i cant plant crystal flower ? its disappeared from my shop

    • It disappeared from mine, too. Either it’s a seasonal plant that appears only for a period of time, or it’s part of the recent bugs. We can only hope they put it back in the shop. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  341. How do I get the frying pan though?

    • Sorry I just got to reply today. They’re selling it now. They didn’t before.

      Open your windmill, check the things you can mix and you’ll find you can get a frying pan for 5 crystals.

  342. Thank you so much for this! Helped a lot! ๐Ÿ˜€ It seems this is the only game Iโ€™ve continued so far playing on my android phone. The rest Iโ€™ve grown bored. hehe


  344. You can get glass from Amiable Grass too ๐Ÿ™‚ and Genie sometimes give you topaz

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